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Acclaimed International School of Auset Egyptian Temple Healing & Alchemy, Holistic Hypnosis, Angel Miracles Psychic Courses & Lakshmi Blessings

Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.

šŸ’œEgyptian Dream Temple: Saraswati & Lakshmi Blessings in SingaporešŸ’œ

WELCOME from Elisabeth
Thanks to all the beautiful people I met and read for at the Adelaide Body Mind Psychic Expo recently and welcome to new friends to my newsletter.

Firstly I do receive many requests for private readings, healings and hypnosis sessions but I sadly am no longer have the time with all my frequent teaching and travailing plus writing. At the Expo the healers you met at our stand were Barbara Simpson who is a very gifted and experienced healer http://healingcoach.com.au plus Jenny Fisher my wonderful long term part time assistant -Facebook Divine Prescriptions Energy Medicine. Jenny has a Diploma of Holistic Hypnosis and Teaches Angel Miracles Courses - next will be in October For more details 0412460441

Many people think those I have trained couldn't possibly give as good readings and healings as me but they can! A long as a healer is a caring and compassionate person and they study and practice my teachings enough they can give you very valuable guidance and healings - thats why I focus on teaching now as people kept saying to me I should replicate myself - well I am in a way but of course every person naturally gives healing in a slightly different way but its just as effective. You can also choose a healer from my Teachers List of Practitioners http://elisabethjensen.com.au/teachers You will find there also a list of there Auset Temple Healing and Angel Miracles course dates for Australia and Asia

The other frequent request I receive is when will I take them to Egypt ? Well I don't have any dates or plans at this time but I have two of my teachers leading groups soon

November 28 - December 12, 2019

SrI and Paul live in Singapore and teach at The Blue Lotus - they have both assisted me on previous journeys many times. You will have a wonderful with them http://thebluelotus.sg

March 15- 27 2020

Sue lives with her partner Pete on the Sunshine Coast. She is a very experienced Auset Temple Healer and they both were with me in Egypt in 2018. Sue is a a wonderful teacher and all her students love her http://mysticuniverse.com.au

I am very proud of my Teachers and advanced Practitioners - they are like my own children and I love to see them grow and leave home and venture out into the world and be so successful.

I am flying back to Singapore for 3 weeks of teaching tomorrowā€¦

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