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Acclaimed International School of Auset Egyptian Temple Healing & Alchemy, Holistic Hypnosis, Angel Miracles Psychic Courses & Lakshmi Blessings

Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.

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WELCOME from Elisabeth
This year remains very busy for me but I am pleased to be at a time in my life where I can look back and realise I am finally almost at the end of receiving all the information from Goddess Auset for the Auset Egyptian Temple Healing system. Next May I will teach my final new course EGYPTIAN DREAM TEMPLE ALCHEMIST. Its a very advanced healing method as practiced in the ancient Egyptian Dream and Sleep Hypnosis Temples at Isis, Dendera and Sakkara Temples.
All the dates and details are on my website now.

DO PLEASE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK - ELISABETH JENSEN AUSET TEMPLE HEALING I share much information there including many channelled messages and these newsletters are now more about my trainings. http://facebook.com/elisabethjensen.com.au

JUNE 22 & 23 http://bodymindpsychic.com

Elisabeth will be giving psychic readings both days from her Auset Temple Healing Stand No 167 Bookings at the Expo only please. Readings will be for 20-25 mins Investment $130 Usually $250 for 30 mins
Meet Jenny Fisher Angel Miracles Teacher & Barbara Simpson The Healing Coach http://thehealingcoach.com.au there also.

Saturday at 3.15 pm
Egyptian Dream Temple Group Hypnosis
Relax deeply & heal
then Sunday at 1245
Ancient Egyptian Prophecies for Lightworkers
Trance channelled wisdom through Elisabeth

I have finally almost completed writing my Lakshmi Blessings Reading Cards, Hindu Deities Guidance For Good Fortune. Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati asked me to write these cards but Strictly As Directly by both them and each Deity so I could then receive the Boon or Blessing of each Deity first myself. So I am feeling very Blessed, Empowered and Excited now but its taken much more time and effort than I originally anticipated so the cards are yet to be published Anyway do please attend

With the wonderful energies of Goddess Lakshmi at http://mysticaldragon.com.au in Melbourne (at Seaford) on Sunday September 1 or on July 21 at http://thebluelotus.sg in Singapore. Book early to ensure a place as these courses usually sell out quickly due to the Blessings Lakshmi channels through me to those attending…

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