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Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.

💝Be Blessed with Good Fortune plus Healing & Psychic Abilities🔮

WELCOME from Elisabeth
I am in Singapore at present teaching and enjoying the wonderful friends I have here plus the warmth.The classes have been large with many wonderful students. I have 3 events left still at The Blue Lotus - please see details below.

My Lakshmi Blessings Reading Cards Guidebook is finally complete and at the publishers but with the editing and artwork still to be completed the cards will not be available till 2020. I am very excited to share these cards that give wonderful and specific guidance from each Deity for creating Good Fortune in your life.

People often ask me if I go sightseeing in Singapore or shopping in my spare time but I don't have much spare time here really plus I still have many preparations by email for future events around the world. But I do always find time to visit Temples - that's my great interest and delight as such, to visit Buddhist Kuan Yin Temples plus the various Hindu Temples here. All the Gods and Goddesses seem to compete for my attention always but in a loving and friendly way of course. As a trance channel for many Deities I have many wonderful silent conversations and insights in each Temple.


The energies are very intense at present with both Mercury Retrograde plus the Eclipses and will be much more intense then with the Planetary New Year and transmission of very high vibrational energy from the Alchemical Sun, Sirius. Last year many participants told me they had amazing experiences so please plan to be somewhere comfortable where you can receive this special transmission of Light to assist you to move into Higher Consciousness and activate further your third eye. To receive these Sirian Blessings you just have to request them. I will write more later but wanted you to keep the date free please…

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🔮Readings with Elisabeth at Psychic Expo🔮 Mystical Dragon Courses🔮

WELCOME from Elisabeth
This year remains very busy for me but I am pleased to be at a time in my life where I can look back and realise I am finally almost at the end of receiving all the information from Goddess Auset for the Auset Egyptian Temple Healing system. Next May I will teach my final new course EGYPTIAN DREAM TEMPLE ALCHEMIST. Its a very advanced healing method as practiced in the ancient Egyptian Dream and Sleep Hypnosis Temples at Isis, Dendera and Sakkara Temples.
All the dates and details are on my website now.

DO PLEASE LIKE US ON FACEBOOK - ELISABETH JENSEN AUSET TEMPLE HEALING I share much information there including many channelled messages and these newsletters are now more about my trainings. http://facebook.com/elisabethjensen.com.au

JUNE 22 & 23 http://bodymindpsychic.com

Elisabeth will be giving psychic readings both days from her Auset Temple Healing Stand No 167 Bookings at the Expo only please. Readings will be for 20-25 mins Investment $130 Usually $250 for 30 mins
Meet Jenny Fisher Angel Miracles Teacher & Barbara Simpson The Healing Coach http://thehealingcoach.com.au there also.

Saturday at 3.15 pm
Egyptian Dream Temple Group Hypnosis
Relax deeply & heal
then Sunday at 1245
Ancient Egyptian Prophecies for Lightworkers
Trance channelled wisdom through Elisabeth

I have finally almost completed writing my Lakshmi Blessings Reading Cards, Hindu Deities Guidance For Good Fortune. Goddesses Lakshmi and Saraswati asked me to write these cards but Strictly As Directly by both them and each Deity so I could then receive the Boon or Blessing of each Deity first myself. So I am feeling very Blessed, Empowered and Excited now but its taken much more time and effort than I originally anticipated so the cards are yet to be published Anyway do please attend

With the wonderful energies of Goddess Lakshmi at http://mysticaldragon.com.au in Melbourne (at Seaford) on Sunday September 1 or on July 21 at http://thebluelotus.sg in Singapore. Book early to ensure a place as these courses usually sell out quickly due to the Blessings Lakshmi channels through me to those attending…

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💜Egyptian Dream Temple: Saraswati & Lakshmi Blessings in Singapore💜

WELCOME from Elisabeth
Thanks to all the beautiful people I met and read for at the Adelaide Body Mind Psychic Expo recently and welcome to new friends to my newsletter.

Firstly I do receive many requests for private readings, healings and hypnosis sessions but I sadly am no longer have the time with all my frequent teaching and travailing plus writing. At the Expo the healers you met at our stand were Barbara Simpson who is a very gifted and experienced healer http://healingcoach.com.au plus Jenny Fisher my wonderful long term part time assistant -Facebook Divine Prescriptions Energy Medicine. Jenny has a Diploma of Holistic Hypnosis and Teaches Angel Miracles Courses - next will be in October For more details 0412460441

Many people think those I have trained couldn't possibly give as good readings and healings as me but they can! A long as a healer is a caring and compassionate person and they study and practice my teachings enough they can give you very valuable guidance and healings - thats why I focus on teaching now as people kept saying to me I should replicate myself - well I am in a way but of course every person naturally gives healing in a slightly different way but its just as effective. You can also choose a healer from my Teachers List of Practitioners http://elisabethjensen.com.au/teachers You will find there also a list of there Auset Temple Healing and Angel Miracles course dates for Australia and Asia

The other frequent request I receive is when will I take them to Egypt ? Well I don't have any dates or plans at this time but I have two of my teachers leading groups soon

November 28 - December 12, 2019

SrI and Paul live in Singapore and teach at The Blue Lotus - they have both assisted me on previous journeys many times. You will have a wonderful with them http://thebluelotus.sg

March 15- 27 2020

Sue lives with her partner Pete on the Sunshine Coast. She is a very experienced Auset Temple Healer and they both were with me in Egypt in 2018. Sue is a a wonderful teacher and all her students love her http://mysticuniverse.com.au

I am very proud of my Teachers and advanced Practitioners - they are like my own children and I love to see them grow and leave home and venture out into the world and be so successful.

I am flying back to Singapore for 3 weeks of teaching tomorrow…

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🌍 Elisabeth & Sri Singapore Events 🌍 Egypt Sacred Journey🌏

Returning to teach in Singapore each year for 17 years gives Elisabeth a wonderful understanding of the concerns, dreams and gifts of her many students there.  Many Malaysian & Hong Kong Students also travel to The Blue Lotus in Singapore to attend courses and some students also attend advanced levels in Adelaide where Elisabeth is based..Not everybody can live the Life of Their Dreams exactly the same as Elisabeth does but many of her students have gone on to become very busy and popular highly effective healingpractitioners and well known Spiritual Teachers. Many students acknowledge Elisabeth's amazing ability to first heal them both physically and emotionally during courses and events then assist them to transform their lives Spiritually.with their new abilities and insights. Alchemy is one of Elisabeth's most powerful gifts along with her ability to embody many Gods and Goddesses and then trance Channel their wisdom and Healing energy.

Auset Temple Healing is an powerful system of Ancient Egyptian Healing, Divination and Alchemy that Elisabeth has taught since 2004 and is wonderful for professional healers and those on a personal ascension path. Since 2011 Elisabeth has been practicing Hypnotherapy and now teaches her own wonderfully effective Diploma Level Holistic Hypnotherapy Courses as well as Ancient Egyptian Sleep and Dream Temple Hypnosis plus Past Lives and Life In The Light Spiritual Regression. Finally Elisabeth also teaches powerful healing with the Hindu Gods and Goddess especially Saraswati. Her new card set Lakshmi Blessings Reading Cards, Hindu Deity Guidance for Good Fortune will be published later in 2019.

Elisabeth was formerly a Registered Nurse and Midwife with additional qualifications in Family Therapy and Addictions Counselling so she also brings every day wisdom to her spiritual teachings. Regardless of your present problems know there are many solutions available for those seeking transformation and spiritual healing. So take some more steps today on your path of Transformation & Healing because we all deserve to bring more Joy, Abundance, Light & Love into our lives

Read more about Elisabeth on her website and if you are not yet subscribed to her eNewsletter please do so at http://elisabethjensen.com.au . 

Sri is Elisabeth's close friend plus her most Senior and very popular teacher in Asia  Sri has a Diploma of Holistic Hypnotherapy and teaches all levels of Angel Miracles Courses at The Blue Lotus http://thebluelotus.sgi n Singapore plus the first three levels of Auset Temple Healing. Born in Indonesia Sri now lives in Singapore with her partner Paul Filmer from Australia who assists her at all her trainings and is an excellent healer himself.

Many, but not all, of Elisabeth's Courses have prerequisites so please check carefully so you are ready for her visit in July to The Blue Lotus in Singapore by seeing if you need to study with Sri first  The first level courses are still wonderful just for yourself of course.

Here you will find a list of all of Elisabeth Jensen's Courses in various locations in 2019 and early 2029   http://elisabethjensen.com.au/booking

All full day Courses include Spiritual Clearings and Attunements for each participant plus Course Manual and Certificate so they are also excellent value. 

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🌍 The Healing Power of Medical Hypnosis & Deep Trance States 🌏

The Ancient Egyptians used Hypnotic Trance States for both painless surgery plus to achieve Deep Healing States for clients. These days a client who is in what is called today the Esdaille State or Hypnotic Coma can also have Open Heart Surgery without any sedation or chemical anesthesia then have a quick recovery..  From numerous visits to Egypt to study in the temples in deep meditation with the Deities plus in Brazil to study with famous healers Elisabeth has discovered the keys to successful healing of many major health concerns for her clients including non life threatening but life challenging disorders such as Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue

In July in Singapore Elisabeth will be teaching Dave Elman Medical Hypnosis to demonstrate these deep hypnotic states to those who are already Certified Hypnotherapists. Hypnotherapy plus Auset Egyptian Temple Healing together create amazing healing results.  

Auset Temple Healing is an powerful system of Ancient Egyptian Healing, Divination and Alchemy that Elisabeth has taught since 2004 and is wonderful for professional healers and those on a personal ascension path. Since 2011 Elisabeth has been practicing Hypnotherapy and now teaches her own wonderfully effective Diploma Level Holistic Hypnotherapy Courses as well as Ancient Egyptian Sleep and Dream Temple Hypnosis plus Past Lives and Life In The Light Spiritual Regression. Finally Elisabeth also teaches powerful healing with the Hindu Gods and Goddess especially Saraswati. Her new card set Lakshmi Blessings Reading Cards, Hindu Deity Guidance for Good Fortune will be published later in 2019.

Elisabeth was formerly a Registered Nurse and Midwife with additional qualifications in Family Therapy and Addictions Counselling so she also brings every day wisdom to her spiritual teachings. Regardless of your present problems know there are many solutions available for those seeking transformation and spiritual healing. So take some more steps today on your path of Transformation & Healing because we all deserve to bring more Joy, Abundance, Light & Love into our lives

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🌌Finding & Living your Soul & Life Purposes on Earth 🌌

Welcome From Elisabeth
People often ask me "What is my Life Purpose?"  Well the answer is we have MANY Life Purposes each time we incarnate on earth but our Soul Purpose often remains similar each Lifetime. So my Soul Purpose is to be A HEALER and many of my Life Purposes I have been focused on that first as a Registered Nurse then a Midwife, then eventually as a Spiritual Healer and now as a Healing Teacher.  None of my experiences in this life have been wasted as i have learn from them all just i could have had a much less traumatic life if i was born in the present time when so much information on Medical Intuitives, Mediumship, psychic abilities and energy healing is easily available now,. So my Life Purpose was to be a Wounded Healer first  but to overcome this and become be an Inspirational Healing Teacher instead.- but always my Soul Purpose is to be a Healer.

So sometimes I got very much off track in my younger days but I always felt that deep longing inside me to find the purpose of my life then to assist others and make the world a better place. So being a Healer by Soul Purpose doesn't limit me to being a Spiritual Healer of course its just the occupation most suited to me.  Sometimes people on a spiritual path are a bit disappointed to be told their Soul Purpose is to be a Healer as they want to hear its something a bit more dramatic and specific such as " the most Powerful Psychic Healer in Australia who opens their own successful healing centre in Adelaide" - but that's more in the realm of Life Purpose and can change from year to year to something a little different. dependimg on your Soul Contracts with people around you.

A psychic who reads the Akashic Records plus can channel information  from the Gods Tehuti and Ptah can assist you here with information. You can also receive some information in meditation yourself, but don't expect everything to be given to you in one big Revelation.  The other is to have a Past Life Regression with Soul Connection so the hypnotherapist can ask your Soul  what some of your Life Purposes plus Soul Purpose are -  you receive information while in a deep hypnotic trance state. and its recorded for you. Finally  you can go on a hypnosis Journey to the Light to see your Life between Lives plus what you planned with your Wise Council in the Light to do in this Lifetime.

For those eager to discover their real reasons for incarnating in this life the combination of all these processes are very beneficial and enlightening. Sadly i no longer personally have time to offer these sessions any more  but I do teach them all to suitably qualified practitioners  I have seen amazing things happen after a Past Life Regression like a long term cancer spontaneously heal and especially greater peace and acceptance of ones life or simply great excitement when a person discovers the reason they have always been totally different to other people in their family and workplace is they come from another much more advanced planet than earth…

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🌍New Courses & Events with Elisabeth & Sri in Sri Lanka & Singapore 🌍

Elisabeth has been visiting Singapore to teach for 18 years now and her courses have evolved a great deal over that time. Angel Miracles Psychic Courses have always been very popular in Singapore and indeed worldwide since Elisabeth first taught them there in 2003 for the simple reason many people have had amazing events and beautiful miracles happen in their lives after these courses, both for themselves plus those they care about.

Auset Temple Healing is an powerful system of Ancient Egyptian Healing, Divination and Alchemy Elisabeth has taught since 2004 that is wonderful for professional healers and those on a personal ascension path. Since 2011 Elisabeth has been practicing Hypnotherapy and now teaches her own wonderfully effective Holistic Hypnotherapy Courses as well as Ancient Egyptian Sleep and Dream Temple Hypnosis plus Past Lives and Life In The Light Regression. Finally Elisabeth also teaches healing with the Hindu Gods and Goddess especially Saraswati. Her new card set Lakshmi Blessings Reading Cards, Hindu Deity Guidance for Good Fortune will be published later in 2019. 

Elisabeth Jensen was formerly a Registered Nurse and Midwife with additional qualifications in Family Therapy and Addictions Counselling. She now has a Diploma of NLP and Hypnosis and is a Triple Award Winning Psychic and was listed as one of the Worlds Best Psychics in 2014. Elisabeth is also a deep trance channel and a very powerful and effective healer plus an Alchemist who can create positive changes for her clients and students.. Based in Adelaide Australia Elisabeth teaches world wide. She was formerly married to a Malaysian Indian Hindu man which started her on the path of learning about the many Hindu Gods and Goddesses.

Read more about Elisabeth on her website and if you are not yet subscribed to her eNewsletter please do so at http://elisabethjensen.com.au for all the latest updates. 

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💤Dave Elman Hypnosis & Dip Holistic Hypnotherapy💤Dragon Friends💗

Welcome From Elisabeth
2019 promises to be a busy and exciting year for me but hopefully it will be a little less dramatic than 2018 was - last year I was in a Personal Year 8 in numerology and seemed to have a number of people intent on causing me difficulties....this can often happen in an 8 year but the upside was I also had an increase in abundance so was very grateful for that side of things.

I did promise to give some more predictions for 2019 but my guides only seem to want to tell me to tell everybody to calm down as the world won't end or self destruct in 2019 and really we are just set for a replay of many difficult events from the past few years in 2019-2020.

So yes, there will be some earthquakes and tsunamis and politicians making the news for the wrong reasons but that's it - no totally unexpected huge bad news. But the good news is I do see many positive changes happening in the world in the future in the next 10-50 years although the changes are happening now actually are are still small and subtle.  I see great positive changes being brought to Earth by the new sensitive and spiritually aware children being born in the last 10 years and the LightWorkers of the Earth are certainly already  doing their part too.

Eventually the world will become a Planet of Light but it certainly wont be in my lifetime.- perhaps in about 40-50 years time. The future is not fixed and often when we see chaos in the world its simply the changes we need to have as Earth People seem to need to have a crisis to make big changes but hopefully that changes in the future…

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🔮2019, Events Gold Coast, Adelaide, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Melbourne,🔮

Welcome From Elisabeth
I am pleased that its almost the New Year - I always love to welcome the New Year in on New Years Eve quietly at home in meditation. So many possibilities seem open at that time. I don't make resolutions. but I do prepare for wonderful changes ahead for myself.

What about for the World ? What about Predictions? CAN WE CHANGE THEM?  Yes, things that are happening in the world are less able to be changed due to both the consciousness of the Earth God, Geb plus of many people. When I first started to look at predictions for 2019 for the annual International Psychics Directory Magazine all I could see made me decide to cancel writing my predictions for next year but I later changed my mind and submitted some more positive ones I was later also shown.

Without repeating all the predictions here I did see many many Earthquakes and Tsunamis plus more Volcanos  activating  in Asia especially in Indonesia and China and of course yes, lots of them already happened already in the second half of 2018. In Australia in 2019 we will remain the Lucky Country to live in and Singapore will be fine as well on most levels…

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✨Dragon Healing & Magick with Amanda, Singapore Courses with Sri & Elisabeth✨

I am just back a week from my 10th Sacred Journey to Egypt. We had an amazing experiences in the Great Pyramid on both 11/11/11 for our first visit and for the final visit to the Kings Chamber for very powerful Initiations as a Spiritual Alchemist of Auset for all participants plus individual Initiations. On 11/11/11 the High Vibrational Blue White energies were received from Sirius and the messages were from my guide Sirian Star and Goddess Auset plus Tehuti. As the energies of the earths heart beat or the Schumann Frequency speeds up on significant dates such as 11/11/11 this acceleration contributes to time and spatial disorientation so combined with  the ongoing influx of White Sirian energies from 8/8/8 onwards it was a powerful experience that left me quite spacy during all my time in Egypt and more so after the final Initiations in the Great Pyramids for us all…

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💞WIN a Reading with Elisabeth & Assist Egyptian Children's Centre💞


Well its not that long and I will be off with great excitement for my 10th Sacred Journey to Egypt which starts in Cairo November 9th. Before I go I am wanting to collect some money to take to Egypt with me for Shams El Birr Centre for Children with Disabilities in Cairo. I have been visiting there since 2005 with each group I take to Egypt and participants  are all amazed at just how happy and content the Children are even though many have quite severe neurological disabilities.  The Centre survives on virtually charity alone and times have not been easy in Egypt so I have been collecting money for a while now with the aim of assisting them as much as possible this visit.

Dr Morcos -pictured above with some of the children - is the Medical Director of Shams El Birr and is extremely devoted to and proud of all the children who are being educated as much as possible to become independent.  I hand the money to Dr Morcos directly so you can be sure none is lost in expenses and I do know it is always used carefully.

So I am running a competition so you have the chance to win a FREE 60 min Reading or Healing Consultation with me, Elisabeth Jensen, by Phone or In Person if you live in Adelaide - this is valued at $350 but as I have closed my private practice now its not possible otherwise either! To enter please just make a Donation of $20 or more using the PayPal Box on my website- you need to scroll down a little to reach it - HERE  You can donate anytime up until November 1 - I will notify the winner soon after that and before I go to Egypt.  The Consultation will be held in December to suit the winner. Donations of course of any amount or in cash are welcome but for he competition you need to do it this way please. Prayers and healing for the Children are also very welcome and important too please. Thank you so much  for your support. 

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🌀A Planet of Light 🌀Singapore & Adelaide Courses🌀


Firstly Welcome to all the new subscribers from the recent Whole Life Expo in Adelaide plus my Melbourne Courses at Mystical Dragon. 

The Winner of the free 60 minute psychic phone reading is Kaysley. Congratulations and thanks to everybody who entered or came to our stand to say Hello.

While our Earth appears to be in chaos my channeling sessions and visions show our future world as an evolved Planet of Light. But it still seems to be about a 60 - 80 year plan before we are all living on an Earth that appears filled with Light and Joy. Meanwhile at present we are going through a rather difficult Birthing Time here on an Earth that is calling out for more LightWorkers to unite to speed up the process.by becoming regular practitioners of Healing with Light and Gods and Goddesses plus Channeling Messages pf Light. 

At present channeling Gods and Goddesses is not really a highly sought after event by most Australians who are are happy to hear from Departed Loved Ones in Spirit but are not so sure about the wisdom and purpose of messages from Deities and Archangels. Anyway both my channeling sessions were well attended and very well received last weekend at Whole Life Expo in Adelaide last weekend.  I accepted years ago i am always about 30 years ahead of current ways of understanding the world. In Asia my work is highly popular as many more people revere the Deities and understand their true powers. 

A strong belief that a higher power or Deity  can heal you dramatically plus improve your life is a great gift really. Let me explain first that many years ago  married a Indian Hindu man from Malaysia and soon developed a fascination for the Gods and Goddesses in the Temples I visited but sadly could not accept they could actually assist me in anyway. Many years after my divorce and Spiritual Awakening I discovered i could actually communicate with the Deities telepathically  to receive much wisdom and guidance from them plus transfer their energy to myself plus other people to heal them also.  So after many years of working first with Archangels then Ancient Egyptian Deities I now also work with the Hindu Deities for Healing and Good Fortune in life.

The Hindu Deities have never requested I follow any specific religious practices myself but they say having great respect and showing gratitude for their assistance plus continuously merging with their energy with the intention of healing specific persons and places is the important thing for me to do. During my Sri Lanka visit in March this year i sent healing energies for about an hour each to about 6,300 people during six separate 3 hour seminars that were focused primarily on honoring Goddess Lakshmi  at her annual Birthday Pujas.  Many of those participants  later stated had received total physical healing of all their health concerns within a few minutes to a week after this healing, while many more had partial but still very significant improvements. Many participants are not able to access regular medical or hospital care due to the financial costs so its very exciting for me to be able to assist them in this way.

Was I the healer?  No,not really just the transmitter of energy from the Deities plus some highly evolved Spirit Doctors who decided to assist them also. Was it the peoples strong religious belief that healed them? Well many were not actually Hindu people but still believed in the power of the Deities to assist them .Finally the people expected to be healed as they totally trust and respect  the organiser of my Sri Lankan events Asiri who is a Spiritual Teacher himself and told them I was a very good healer. Did I use Hypnosis to make them believe I could do this? Well yes in a way as I know people from the Indian Subcontinent are usually much more responsive to going into deeply relaxed trance states and in trance what we hear becomes out reality although actually few people present understood my English and my translator Asiri is not a hypnotherapist himself. 

So in the end it was the peoples own trust and beliefs that the powerful Deities could actually heal them as we all worked together for this. Personally I know energy and spiritual healing works regardless of a persons belief but in the long term healing is always much more successful  if the client is open to the fact  that healing is possible plus requests it for themselves.

So many things are possible really plus in our future world it will  just being trusting of the fact that we do have the power to heal and create our own future with Divine assistance on both a personal and planetary level. I have spent many years developing my healing abilities and courses plus studying with the world greatest healers such as John of God in Brazil plus past Healers and Hypnotherapists. This is not new knowledge really but but we are living in amazing times where we have access to study both past and present knowledge and combine them together to create what we today call Spiritual Healing Miracles…

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🌞 Psychic Readings with Elisabeth at Whole Life Expo plus December 🌞


The Lion's Stargate Portal of 8/8/18 was very powerful with many people reporting beautiful and quite powerful experiences during the Light Download at 8pm that night. I promise to give you more notice in future though of these events...


Next weekend I will be available for Psychic Channelled Readings using my own Auset Egyptian Cards plus direct channelling from the Gods and Goddesses such as Tehuti (see image below) for Past Life Readings plus Goddess Auset at the Adelaide Whole Life Expo at Wayville Showgrounds.   Can also include a short healing if time is allowed for this,

To book please come to my Stand G4 on the day only please. Investment is just $130 for 25 minutes (Fee is usually $250 for 30min Reading) Sorry no advance bookings  http://wholelifeexpo.com.au

I will be presenting two workshops at Mystic Corner on Saturday at 12 noon and Sunday at 5pm - Trance Channelling Gods and Goddesses. Will include messages from both Egyptian and Hindu Deities plus some time for your questions to the Deities themselves.

Barbara Simpson http://thehealingcoach.com.au who is a wonderful Auset Temple and Crystal Light Bed Healer will be there at Auset stand with me along plus Jenny Fisher, gifted Auset Temple Healer, Holistic Hypnotherapist and Angel Miracles Teacher.

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⭐Sirian Star Message & Blessings for Lion's Stargate Portal⭐


Welcome to the amazing energies of the Lion's Stargate Portal of 8/8/18. Although it is still 7/8/18 as I write this the influx of high frequency energies from Sirius and the Sun has began lifting the somewhat heavy current energies of Mercury Retrograde.

In Ancient Egypt this was seen as an alignment first in July of the Sun with the Star Sirius and then the Sun would be swallowed by the Star Sirius aka the Spiritual Sun. Then during the first week of August Sirius and the Sun would again arise as separate Stars. The 8th August is seen as the most auspicious and significant date because its when the Sun and Earth align directly opposite each other and the Lion's Stargate opens fully and many Ceremonies were held in Ancient Egypt in the Great Pyramid and Temples. So the newborn Sun has been recently bathed in the powerful Sirian Energy and these high frequencies make it a wonderful time to upgrade yourself and activate further your Third Eye and Heart Chakra. In 2018 being the Triple 8 this time is especially helpful to Empaths to become more sensitive to the POSITIVE energies in the Universe rather than the heavier ones!

These changes will take place between 8-14 August but please do spend time outside on 8/8/18 to active your Free download of energies to upgrade your energy body  through the high frequencies of the Sun and Star Sirius at this time.  Sirian Star my Sirian Guide (his card is from my Auset Egtpian Cards) wanted his picture here today - Sirius is such an advanced civilisation and the guides wait till you are truly ready to work with them before they appear but its worth asking at this time for one to come to you in meditation tomorrow.  I also do connect students with Sirian Guides in my Secret Codes of Sekhmet and Auset course...

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💜Manifest Your*Star*Soulmate, Lakshmi Abundance Blessings Events💜

I am very excited to be offering two new events at The Blue Lotus. All my 2018 Singapore events at The Blue Lotus can be attended without any prerequisites.

A very powerful and effective deep trance healing night with Elisabeth Jensen  - open to all person 18 years plus. Focus will be on pain management and release. NB! No you won't be fast asleep on the floor just in a very relaxed deep trance healing state in your chair. Includes Anointment with Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil plus some Channeled Messages through Elisabeth.
DATE:Thursday June 28,  7.30 - 9.30pm  INVESTMENT:S$90

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⭐Auset Temple Healing in Adelaide & Melbourne⭐

I am just came back to Adelaide after a wonderfully successful time teaching in Singapore. In September I am excited to return to see Amanda and my Mystical Dragon family again in Melbourne and then am off to my beloved Egypt in November. So other than that I will be in Adelaide for the rest of the year.

Students are asking for my course dates for 2019 and I will post them on  my website in early August. The only confirmed 2019 dates so far are for Sri Lanka for 2 weeks from March 20 and Singapore at The Blue Lotus from 3 weeks from 7th July.

I regret I cannot offer any more Consultations in Adelaide until December and bookings will open only in October as I have courses to prepare plus my new Lakshmi Blessings Cards to write as well, plus am teaching frequently.

Could practitioners please update their Facebook Pages and Websites to reflect the healing modality they practice is AUSET TEMPLE HEALING.Please do use this name not some thing like Egyptian Healing or Energy Healing. This could refer to any number of modalities some of which are only taught over 1 or 2 days so don't reflect your extensive professional training in this highly effective modality. Plus of course its not Egyptian Energy Healing at all its Goddess Auset Alchemy Healing. which is an entirely different type of psychic healing that relies on the practitioners ability to work with Goddess Auset. I do understand the need to use Egyptian so your clients have more understanding of what you do so as I have discussed  before you may call it AUSET TEMPLE HEALING  or AUSET EGYPTIAN TEMPLE HEALING if you prefer...

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💙Hypnosis for Success, Less Stress, Past Lives in Singapore & Adelaide💙

Well May was a busy month for me. Firstly sorry for those two emails requesting you update your details but anyway its all done now and we are all compliant with new Privacy Laws in Europe! 

In May I flew to Daytona Beach in Florida to attend the International Medical & Dental Hypnotherapy Conference with lectures by many of the worlds top Hypnotherapists so that was very exciting  for me. I also attended training with the famous hypnotherapy teacher George Bien to become a Certified Master Trainer with International Association of Counselors and Therapists http://iact.org So now besides an enhanced Hypnosis Curriculum students who complete my Diploma of Holistic Hypnotherapy Training can easy join either or both IMDHA or IACT as Certified Members as I am already a Certified Instructor for IMDHA.

My other exciting news is my Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards are now being published by Rockpool Publishing http://rockpoolpublishing.com.au and will also be available in USA from October through Red Wheel/ Weiser Books then later in UK. I have also just signed a contact with Rockpool to publish in 2019 my Lakshmi & Saraswati Oracle Cards which will give readers Guidance and Blessings from the Hindu Deities. These cards will also be available later in Sri Lanka in Tamil and Sinhalese through Asiri at his Feng Shui Shops and Seminars. Yes I will be back in Sri Lanka in March 2019 for Goddess Lakshmi's Birthday Puja plus a new Saraswati Healing workshop but we are not sure the Cards will be available yet by then...

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Egypt Sacred Journey 1 Place Available

I would like to let people know I now have one place available for this Sacred Egypt Journey in November. Its for a male in a share room - sorry to all the females on the waiting list still no more vacancies. Please read the information below plus on website then contact Elisabeth ASAP. The Two Required Prerequisite Auset Temple Healing Level 1 plus Auset Divination Courses can be studied in Adelaide.plus other locations if not yet completed.They are wonderfully effective trainings just by themselves. 

Will I go to Egypt in 2019 ? Please wait for a while and I will let you know. Why not study in Auset Temple Healing first and be prepared if I do?

This year I have booked a very beautiful private Cruise boat for 8 nights on the Nile River so we can sail where we want when we want plus do sacred ceremonies and meditate on the boat as well as in the Temples so we do have limited space but this will be much better than being on a big noisy cruise ship with many tourists. For photos of the luxury "Dahabeya" Afandina boat please visit http://elisabethjensen.com.au/egypt-sacred-journey/

We also have Quest Travel as our organiser this year- Mohamed Nazmy the President is famous worldwide for his amazing organisation for Spiritual Groups & you can buy the book Nazmy, Love is my Religion on Amazon to read all about him & Egypt Travel if you wish. The famous Emil Shaker will be our spiritual Egyptologist We will also be visiting our Childrens Charity Shams El Birr in Cairo & collecting donations for them before we go please...

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Help more people with Medical & Master Practitioner Intuitive Hypnosis

I teach my hypnosis students many extra techniques during my trainings based from the fact I am a Medical Intuitive and naturally gifted psychic healer - that's why I call the advanced levels Intuitive Hypnotherapy now as that's how i teach hypnotherapy. Once you combine Mesmerism plus very Intuitive Hypnosis with advanced training Miracles do Happen.

The Adelaide  Auset Past Lives and Soul Alchemist Course in June is fully booked with a waiting list even though this is the second class this year but we will repeat it again next year - Singapore is still available in June..Click the above Image to read more about my Hypnosis Courses.

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Intuitive Hypnotherapists & Healers Live Life of Dreams::Easter Discounts

The challenges of creating a busy private healing practice for many new practitioners is to have their work appear worthwhile by future clients. For myself Iquickly discovered giving psychic readings brought me a steady income but while many of my students are happy to offer card readings at the beginning of a healing consultation they do not wish to call themselves a psychic as such.

To be honest I used to find giving readings could be quite stressful at times as some clients tend to feel they can adopt a "Prove to me you are not a Fake " attitude which took me years to to discover how to overcome successfully. My training in NLP & Hypnosis made this much easier and I teach this technique in my 4 Day Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training as its very useful in many situations in life to be able to create good rapport quickly with clients. Interestingly enough clients who do come for my healings are rarely skeptical and always happy with my treatments. But giving Psychic Readings has always been my Bread and Butter income during difficult economic times and even today 80% of all calls and emails to my office are requesting information about my private psychic readings... that's a lot of phone calls and emails each day really.

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