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Written as a Magazine Article

If you could speak directly to any God or Goddess you were wanting to understand better wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift? More importantly perhaps what message and guidance would they have for you? Deities are very powerful energy beings of Light so it takes time and practice to connect with them to receive clear messages and even longer to trance channel Gods and Goddesses verbally but it’s an amazing practice well worth the discipline and effort. People do ask who can be channelled? Angels, Guides, Spirits of Departed Persons, Ascended Masters, ET’s, Gods and Goddesses is the answer. However usually speaking to departed humans is called Mediumship plus it’s more difficult to trance channel spirits of the departed unless their vibrations are high enough. As both a Medium and Trance Channel for all the above beings it gives me much joy to do this for myself personally, for writing, for clients and for large groups of people.



Well almost any person who studies, practices and meditates enough plus is of good spiritual character! Like Mediumship the Channelling process is determined by the Spirit World – if the Spirits and Deities want to work through you they will, otherwise they will simply stand back from you as they have free will. Powerful and positive Gods and Goddesses usually request that you take time to build up a relationship first with them and when they see you are sincere and will value their information you are ready to start. Of course, you need to know how to energetically channel them as well.



There are four levels of channelling – Light Trance is where the Deities stand close behind you and gently influence your thoughts, in Medium Level Trance they often overshadow you and usually you sense them influencing your speech -most good psychic readers work at this level. In Trance Channelling the Deities energy is in the physical body of the Channel so your voice will change as you speak the words of each Deity. Fourth Level is Unconscious Trance Channelling where the Channel remembers nothing of what they have said or done during this time whether doing Psychic Healing or Voice Channelling. This level is much harder on the physical and energy body of the channel as their own spirit leaves as the Deity or Entity enters so I don’t practice it often except when healing sometimes but famous Healers like John of God and Psychics like Edgar Cayce do it as a Soul
Contract to serve humanity I believe. To begin with if you want to channel say Egyptian Gods and Goddesses its best to purchase a set of Egyptian Oracle or Tarot Cards and read them through connecting to the Deities you are most drawn to then doing some Card Readings to practice the first two levels of channelling. Remember to only work in a clear and safe energy space so as not to connect with lower level spirits then to consider carefully what advice and energy you are wanting in your life before connecting further to the Deities in meditation – if you want more healing and miracles call on Goddess Auset and God Amun Ra to be with you not Sobek and Set who are the more challenging Gods of endings and chaos. To trance channel, you need to be experienced in meditation and working with energy first plus realise it takes quite a lot of practice to hold the energy of powerful Deities in your body plus open your mouth and speak clearly at the same time! I do recommend you have an experienced physical teacher as well for this who can assist you to call in the most suitable Deities in their most powerful form then hold that energy space for you as you start to verbally channel.



Profound wisdom and guidance about the past, present and future can be received for yourself and others. Deities don’t usually tell you in detail how to live your life – they provide more of a Map of your life than a Manual! Certain Deities such as the Egyptian God Tehuti can assist you to read Akashic Records for Past Lives information then a God such as Amun Ra can assist you with guidance on healing, your future path plus creating miracles. Goddess Auset aka Isis can speak words of wisdom through you about healing and magic plus the future of this planet. The Buddhist Goddess Kwan Yin speaks words full of compassion, forgiveness and wisdom. The Hindu Deities have a very powerful energy that takes time to adjust to for most verbal trance channels but Goddess Lakshmi loves to give advice on drawing abundance to you while the Lord Ganesha often prefers to offer fewer words and work more at an energy level to clear obstacles from your path and increase your intelligence level. Endless Blessings await the trance channeler who is dedicated to this valuable work plus the offer of Enlightenment is always there as you continuously bask in the healing energies and wise words of the Divine Gods and Goddesses of Light.

This was written for www.innerself.com.au and published in August 2018


                                By ELISABETH JENSEN Dip Hypnosis & NLP

Many clients coming for a psychic reading simply ask me for “Just a General Reading Please”. I am still waiting to discover how psychic generalisations about how a persons future will be can really be of great benefit to a person when I myself don’t believe we have to have a fixed future unless we choose to never change our usual actions, thoughts, beliefs, and most importantly. our unconscious minds.

So I gently suggest looking at best possible paths clients can follow or the best options they can take to improve their lives or what negative past life or present life influences they can release would be far more beneficial. Many clients agree rather dubiously to this as they feel an award-winning psychic like myself should be simply predicting their future and by knowing their future all problems can be resolved! Again I simply say that fortunately on an individual level their future is not fixed so let’s look at what they would like to focus on the most and ask for Divine Guidance and Insights on how best to achieve success in their lives.


This has always been my approach to readings because as a former Registered Nurse and now a Medical Intuitive a diagnosis and recovery plan makes more sense to me than simply a difficult diagnosis without any further action – and believe me most clients come to me at a time of crisis not when all is well in their lives. So the more I studied Hypnosis & Regression Therapy plus Hypnoanalysis the more I realised that all that has happened even before birth. plus during our time in the womb, then as a small child, affects our Unconscious Mind. Our Unconscious Mind decides our physical and emotional health and can easily be reprogrammed towards joy and good health.

My focus now is on Holistic and Spiritual plus Regression Hypnosis to earlier this life plus Past Lives and Life in the Light as I believe our Higher Self and Soul are always also waiting with wise guidance about our Soul Plan for this incarnation. So is my client seeking just a smooth life or to live their Soul Path which is often harder work but far more satisfying spiritually? What difficult lessons have they chosen before birth to clear Karma in this life and can they let it go now as being sick and in pain and poverty means clients might find it hard to fulfil their true destiny.

So as both a Hypnotherapist and Psychic I truly find Psychic Coaching far more satisfying to both me and my client. Words chosen with care can help the depressed client see there can be Light at the end of the Tunnel if they choose the correct path – negative statements and words chosen just to prove how accurate a psychic is might become correct if the client absolutely believes a certain statement even if its themselves CREATING that reality for themselves.


At any psychic expo it’s easy to see many people have several readings with different psychics in the hope they will hear what they want to hear about their future. They sit there in a trance like state with the psychics words going directly into their Unconscious Minds – or Bypassing the Critical Faculty of the Conscious Mind it’s called in Hypnosis- and so these predictions become their reality. If it’s an ethical and caring psychic reading that’s fine but if it’s given with little thought to the effect a negative prediction will have on the Unconscious Mind of an unsuspecting client it can cause harm and fear that that lasts for years or even creates the negative prediction.


Imagine if you go to your local MD and he suddenly. and with the best of intentions. gently says “You have six months to live – best prepare yourself to die” Most clients receiving a diagnosis like that go into a shocked and trance like state and accept it as their reality. Often it becomes their reality then as the Unconscious Mind accepts this belief.  It takes a determined person to seek out an alternative reality for themselves through processes such as Hypnotherapy to clear that belief from the Unconscious Mind and to resolve with their Higher Self and Soul if this really needs to be their Soul Plan at this stage of their life.

So your Destiny can be yours to decide. Changing the destiny of those around us and of World Events is tougher but is not impossible. Choose your friends and Professional Guidance wisely and generally your future will be full of successes and very bright.

ELISABETH JENSEN wrote this for Psychic REALMS section of InnerSelf Magazine www.innerself.com.au

Copyright to Elisabeth Jensen www.elisabethhensen.com.au



By Elisabeth Jensen

Divination in Ancient Egypt meant to commune with the Divine specifically in this case with the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses and to seek their wise counsel, which is similar to consulting a Psychic today who is a Trance Channel for Ascended Masters or Archangels. So, Divination might have included Prophecy or Predicting Future Events or may simply have been used more as diagnostic tool to determine the cause of a difficult situation and how best to resolve it.

For myself as a Psychic I usually prefer to seek the advice first of the Divinities when giving a Psychic Reading rather than going straight into simply giving predictions about a client’s life – it follows my original training as a Registered Nurse to first seek the cause of a difficult situation then look at possible solutions. Few clients come for a reading when all is well in their lives and it was the same in ancient Egypt as well as it’s usually best to consider a diagnosis first before giving a prognosis. So, the ancient Egyptian Priestesses of the Goddess Auset (aka Isis) took the place of our Nurses, Counsellors and Psychics today while the male Priests of Amun Ra focussed more on accurate Prophecy in the form of trance channelling answers about the future in response to direct questions.

Training in the Temples in Divination and Prophecy took about 12 years in total and was regarded as a sacred science important for the safety and security of all Egyptian people and so as Egypt became a powerful and wealthy country for far longer than is recorded in history it also became famous for its Prophecy and Alchemy.


Divination was usually performed by gazing into scrying mirrors of Blue Lapis or Black Obsidian Crystal or crystal bowls filled with Blessed Water and Essential Oils of Frankincense and Blue Lotus. This brought about a trance state in a highly-trained Priestess enabling them to communication about their visions and psychic insights as well as speak inspired words from the Divinities to the seeker of Divine Wisdom. The seeker would ask questions and then be guided to solutions to problems or given advice about the best path to follow in others. The future was not seen as “Fixed” and certainly the Priestesses didn’t give readings just entertainment and spent considerable time in preparation – Divination advice was taken very seriously.

Some small Papyrus Scrolls were used for Divination that were used rather like the Tarot today but they had Hieroglyphic Symbols on them and sometimes the image of the best God or Goddess to invoke for help with a certain problem. The everyday person could use these as a simple tool for themselves similar to how how we may use Oracle Cards today but they were also used by the Priestesses as well.

Numerology was certainly practised also – the year you were born in was overseen by a Divinity who both selected your future life path challenges and special abilities at birth. The Goddess Auset was during her life on earth both a Midwife and a powerful Prophetess who told the mother about her baby’s Soul Path in Life soon after she delivered the child as did her Priestesses later in time.


Prophecy was given to determine the outcome of a personal situation plus for future planning in regard to threats of invasion and war. Why not ask to see your future life if the priest could predict it accurately plus reassure yourself about the world in the foreseeable future? Prophecy was especially sought after from the Priests of Amun Ra by people all over the present day Middle East and Europe even though the position of their Temple was at an Oasis in the centre of the desert! Alexander the Great came from Greece in about 332 BC to the Tempe of Amun Ra in the hope of gaining a positive prophecy and blessings by the High Priests there about his future conquests in Asia. The answer was said to be given directly to Alexander by the High Priest on behalf of the God Amun Ra and so accurate were the past Prophecies there that he was seen virtually as the son of Amun Ra after his very positive prophecy and messages so he was welcomed into Egypt after this favourable answer.

By this time, Egyptian civilisation and the Priesthood was no longer as powerful as in the past and the prediction was not entirely correct. 5-7,000 years ago was the peak period of Prophetic Psychic Science in Ancient Egypt with a rapid decline 3,000 years ago. The Pharaoh of Egypt had his own Prophet/High Priest to advise him on the outcome of all decisions he made plus give him psychic advice each day – no important decision was made without this. The words spoken were accepted as truth and so Egypt became known as the home of Prophecy and Divination and it remained powerful and prosperous for thousands of years due to this.

This article was published in InnerSelf Magazine in February 2017



By ELISABETH JENSEN Dip App Science (Community Health Nursing)

The first Spiritist Centres in Brazil were established about 120 years ago inspired by the writings of the Frenchman Hippolyte Denizard using the pen name of Allan Kardec. His books The Spirits Book, The Mediums Book and The Gospel Explained by The Spiritist Doctrine were published between 1857 to 1865 and rapidly gained popularity in Europe. Rather than a Religion, Spiritism is a way of life of service to others by cultivating the gifts of energy healing and mediumship.

Mediumship training  in the Brazilian Spiritist Centres is offered free but it’s an intense three years of study with the focus being on receiving healing energies and messages mainly from high level “Benevolent Entities” and releasing any negative discarnates around or within their patients. Healers are also trained to give energy healing passes to patients with a range of moderate diseases right through to Cancer and Schizophrenia. There are thousands of Spiritist Centres in Brazil that many people attend by either donation or for free to receive treatments. There are even specific Psychiatric Hospitals utilising medication combined with Spiritist Treatments that document highly successful outcomes. Treatment takes time still in most situations – from about one week to several years.


The best known of these is the Casa de Dom Inacio in Abadiania, Brazil also best known as the Casa of John of God, the world famous Psychic Healer. Casa simply means House and Dom Inacio is Saint Ignatius – yes, the Roman Catholic Saint famous for starting the Jesuit Order.  Many Brazilians are Roman Catholics and combine their Spiritual Beliefs with Spiritist Traditions of Alternative Health Care and Personal Spiritual Evolution. While most centres are headed up by one very gifted Healer and Medical Intuitive they are supported by many other highly trained healers and mediums as they do their healing work. 

Many centres are located in areas that are known to be portals for higher level Spirits to visit and in the case of the Casa of John of God over many crystalline rock beds. So they naturally support the healing work of humans and the intense Healing Current builds up in the surrounding area. In Abadiania the whole town is known to be part of the Spiritual Hospital of the Casa and the healing works even as the visitors sleep in their surrounding Pousadas or Hotels. 


By acting as Human Batteries Healers and Mediums in Spiritist Centres generate much healing energy during meditation that spreads throughout a large area and draws many Saints, Angels and Evolved Spirits to assist during Spiritual Healings and Surgeries. Only a very few healers in recent times offer physical surgeries like John of God does but many of the Spirits who attend were often Medical Doctors themselves in Past Lives so know how to do these things invisibly still. 

Sitting in Current is a highly beneficial process for the Healers and Mediums as well as it allows the Benevolent Entities to give them healing as well. There are a number of well documented cases of patients being healed of life threatening diseases such as cancer simply by sitting in the current at the Casa of John of God. These profound healings can also occur at other Spiritist Centres as well.


Sometimes clients diagnosed with psychiatric conditions in the Spiritist Tradition – as in the Shamanic Tradition also – are recognised as really powerful mediums that do not realise their abilities plus fear and stress draws mischievous spirits to them causing confusion and they receive harmful and hurtful messages instead of positive ones. The work of Dr Emma Bragdon PhD* in her book Spiritism & Mental Health is an excellent resource on this complex topic. 


Spiritists do much healing work in specific hospitals in Brazil and now USA. I see their system of energy healing methods being similar to Therapeutic Touch that as a Registered Nurse I used  in many hospitals and taught to many Nurses. The main different was  Mediumship and Spirit Releasement was not acceptable in hospital situations then so eventually I needed to move into private practice to continue my healing work.

As I continue my research to study the healing methods of the great Spiritist Healers such as John of God I invite you to consider that much of our healing needs to come from our own Soul. So while modern medicine continues to reply on chemical and surgical methods to heal in reality with a little Spiritual help many health conditions respond very well or even with a much higher success rate without these interventions. It is my hope that the more affordable and spiritually uplifting path of Energy Medicine will play its rightful part in the future of Health Care in Australia as it does in other parts of the world and has done for thousands of years in the past.

Written for & published in Innerself Magazine February 2016 www.innerself.com.au



Written by ELISABETH JENSEN for InnerSelf Magazine

As a Researcher of Spiritual Healing plus being trained as a Registered Nurse and Midwife plus a Healer myself I have studied in depth many of the major healing systems in the world today including Therapeutic Touch (which has multiple PhD Research studies behind it)plus past and present Healers before creating my own spiritual healing system. So when I first heard of John of God many years ago, often said to be the most powerful healer for 2,000 years, I decided I really had to go to Brazil to meet him one day.

The visit didn’t seem possible though financially and time wise but after attending a three day healing event in Sydney last November with John of God - as Joao De Deus is usually called in the western World -I discovered I was constantly surrounded by many Spirit Doctors, many of whom were actually Medical Doctors in their own lives and who seemed quite happy to join with the Angels and Egyptian Divinities I already worked with to provide remarkable healing for my clients. So needing to know more about this amazing man and connect and understand further the Benevolent Entities who now surrounded me off I set with a few fellow healers to Brazil at the end of June 2015.


I was lead to be guided there by Robert Pellegrino-Estrich who wrote the first book about John of God – the Miracle Man, The Life Story of Joao De Deus – that made him famous and started a worldwide trend of patients often deemed so called “hopeless cases”  seeking healing at his Spiritual Hospital in Abadiania in Brazil. According to Robert, who has lived close to the Casa of John of God for many years now, plus much work by other researchers as well, the cure rate for advanced cancers and major neurological disorders is about 85% - certainly much better than our conventional hospital system offers today!

As a Medical Intuitive who often feels the pain of others plus with my background as a Registered Nurse its not so easy to stand in a line with several hundred people and look around to see and sense so many people who obviously are undergoing major radiation and chemotherapy treatments with some people seeming to be in great discomfort but surprisingly there is such an undercurrent of hope and excitement that the prayers led by the volunteers seem powerful enough to carry everybody forward smoothly. Time spent in consulting John of God personally is very brief usually with all conversations with him only in Portugese - but enough for the Healing Entity incorporated in his body to prescribe treatment such as Herbs or a Spiritual Surgery/ Intervention or rarely a Physical Surgery.


I received several Spiritual Interventions also known as Spiritual Surgeries. A few minutes of prayer by specially trained volunteers with John of God in the background was enough to land me in bed with a severe headache for several days! Bed rest is encouraged for a day or so and I truly felt as if my head was being completely reordered but as my aim was to repair the damage and possible future problems from several major Sub Arachnoid Brain Haemorrhages many years ago that had left me partially paralysed at the time and never fully recovered so I was not surprised. Certainly now the symptoms I was experiencing for many years are gone and I feel truly renewed and much more at peace in my life.

My friend requested and received physical surgery – a deep wound to her abdomen with a clean, but certainly not sterile knife, plus a burst of energy from the hand of John of God placed right inside her abdomen as she stood calmly against a wall with no anaesthetic. There was no pain in the coming days either until I removed the sutures which made her scream loudly despite my best efforts to be gentle.

I would say that Spiritual Surgery or Intervention is certainly the easiest treatment that appears to be just as effective as Physical Surgery although there are numerous documented cases of people who receive a physical mark on their body during this “no touch” process or on X-ray were seen to have sutures inside their body following it.


The Casa de Dom Inacio is built over many powerful naturally occurring rock crystals and each day many experienced and new volunteers and mediums pray continuously for 3 – 4 hours morning and afternoon each day of the 3 days a week as John of God works offering healing for free to all who care to attend his Spiritual Hospital. I think it’s the combined efforts of John of God as a natural healer plus the thousands of Spiritual Doctors who work with him plus the healing prayers and meditations of so many people in this high energy crystal vortex that leads to many dramatic healing outcomes as people release years of emotional, spiritual and physical pain and finally are healed.

ELISABETH JENSEN is now a Daughter of The Casa of John of God plus an Official Casa Guide. For information about her 2016 Group Pilgrimage to meet John of God in Brazil please visit her website www.elisabethjensen.com.au/jogbrazil    Elisabeth is the founder of Auset Temple Healing) and a Triple Award Winning Psychic.

Published in InnerSelf Magazine October 2015 www.innerself.com.au


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By Elisabeth Jensen

ANCIENT EGYPTIANS considered Divination or communicating with the Divinities for wise advice and Prophecy, the ability to see and predict the future, as a science worthy of deep respect and many Temple priests and priestesses spent about a total of fifteen years learning their art and full time occupation. Many of the population used simple methods of Divination in everyday life with small papyrus scrolls and amulets such as Scarabs inscribed with Hieroglyphs that could be spread taken from a bag and spread on the ground to give an answer to an everyday “burning” question rather like we consult oracle and tarot cards today. 

For important decisions a trip to the local Temple courtyard to consult an Oracular Priest or Priestess would be in order. These reading would be given by the Priestess going into trance then scrying using a bowl of water or fragrant oils or a crystal scrying mirror made of Black Obsidian or Blue Lapis. Today we would visit our favourite psychic reader of course to confirm what we saw in our own cards plus get more in depth reading and a few predictions. Many psychics today scry using a clear quartz crystal ball that activates the “Third Eye” or Pineal Gland so visions can be seen but not all take the important second step to communicate directly with a Divinity to ensure a greater accuracy to their readings.

For major decisions made by Pharaohs and high officials a long Journey to one of the famous Oracle Temples such as Amun Ra Temple at Siwa Oasis was in order. Priestesses at Dendera Temple specialised in Star or Astrology Readings to determine the correct timing to conceive a child, enter a marriage or fight a battle and at Kom Ombo Temple on the River Nile medical intuition readings and recommended treatments were in high demand. At Isis Temple the High Priestesses were consulted by many people about relationship and family concerns plus to request a Miracle Healing or simply a Miracle event.

Egypt existed for countless thousands of years of unrecorded history in peace and harmony mainly because those who could see the past, present and future were nurtured, trained, honoured and consulted for their abilities plus if they didn’t like what they saw they knew some powerful Magical and Alchemical practices that could change the future. 


Amun Ra Temple is still a powerful place to visit today and my psychic and channelling abilities are greatly magnified in the Inner Temple where people would visit to ask the High Priests for answers. Here crystals are embedded in the Temple walls alchemically so the Oracle Priest would be free to go into a deep trance state then channel an answer direct from the Divinities. This temple is far away from civilisation in the desert and can only be reached by dedicated travellers even today, but was once as famous as the Oracle of Delphi in Greece and was visited by many famous military men including Alexandra the Great plus many pharaohs came here for confirmation of their Life Purposes and roles in society as well their Divine Connections e.g. to be declared the Son of Amun Ra in the case of Alexander The Great from Greece who was actually on a mission to rule Egypt himself ! 

Great preparations were taken by the Priests to prepare for giving readings by first purifying their physical body by bathing in the surrounding Hot Springs then dressing in a pure white robe and spending time fasting and in contemplation and prayer to prepare mentally and spiritually. This would enable them to reach a much deeper trance state and voice channel the answer to the questions put to them directly from the God Amun Ra. As this temple was famous worldwide for the priests always giving correct predictions and prophecies people would often travel for months from Europe as well as Asia and Africa to Egypt before crossing the desert to receive their answers. 


I think the secret method used here was to train and prepare well then use Alchemy in the form of charged crystals and special herbs and essential oils such as Sacred Frankincense and Myrrh to ensure only clear visions and correct answers were given to carefully worded questions presented to the Oracle Priest or Priestess in deep trance. As well Amun Ra Temple is situated in an energy vortex that even today leaves the visitor feeling rather spacy and aware that this is both a Temple of Prophecy plus of Transformation and Miracles – so it wasn’t just a quick reading the traveller was seeking but answers to many of the great mysteries of life directly through the God of Miracles, Prophecy and Healing Amun Ra. Of course once you paid your visit and honoured Amun Ra and gave a suitable offering to the Temple Priests it was known that you would also be connected to and blessed by this powerful God for the rest of your life so the time and money invested in your visit would be returned may times. 

ELISABETH JENSEN wrote this for InnerSelf Magazine for her National PsychicREALMS Column & it was published in February 2014 


A Medical Intuitive treats the hidden causes of illness, pain and emotional disorders.

By ELISABETH JENSEN DipAppSc (Community Health Nursing), Midwife, Certs TT.

As a child growing up I just had this great longing to assist people in the world! This longing has never left me but once I started my training to be a Registered Nurse at a large children’s hospital in Adelaide my focus was always only ever partly on my patients as I was constantly sick, sad, nauseated, depressed and in pain. 

None of the doctors I consulted could assist me with a diagnosis let alone effective treatment except with medication for temporary relief of pain and nausea etc. It was almost a relief really when I contracted several major illnesses and could put a proper name to my pain! However these days I could probably diagnose and treat the cause of the myriad of minor discomforts I experienced quickly and easily myself using energy clearing (aura cleansing) of the first few layers of my energy field, plus through releasing the lost souls in spirit who attach to naturally caring people by either hovering around them or actually absorbing right into the body of their unsuspecting host.


In my private practice as a healer, psychic medium and medical intuitive when a client comes to me and gives a history of their life going well until one day they were admitted to hospital for a minor operation or following an accident, then suddenly everything in their life changed for the worse I know what to look for immediately as the possible cause. Another frequent time an attachment joins a person is when they go to a funeral in a very distressed state so are very open to having a lost soul join then stay with them, plus of course all members of the funeral industry are at risk here. Nurses and doctors in hospitals are at high risk of having lost souls attach to them also and it can be the cause of much unexplained pain, plus feelings of sadness and stress. 

Think of how many nurses, counsellors and psychiatrists are a little off balance themselves! My daughter is a medical doctor and psychiatrist and knows to “Call her Mum” when she feels suddenly extra stressed or sick. On one occasion she phoned home very hoarse and barely able to speak for several days due to a sore throat. What I instantly “saw” on that occasion was the soul of patient who had died from cancer of the throat attached closely to her. She could easily identify the elderly man from my description of him as somebody she offered counselling and support to as a patient - then on his death he returned to be with her as he remembered the care she had given him previously and he wanted some more help! At the time my daughter called me she was on holiday overseas and feeling also unusually anxious, but a quick distant spirit releasement and healing by her Mum in Australia meant her voice and health was restored the very next day and her holiday saved. 

As both a psychic and a former Registered Nurse I can now see that many of the health risks we face or not from germs and viruses but the lost and wandering souls who inhabit our hospitals, nursing homes and cemeteries, plus of course pubs and clubs are full of former alcoholics and gamblers who attach to humans so they can continue to get their fix of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and gambling! 


Many people on a spiritual path know to call Archangel Michael to release lost souls around them but don’t realise that very confused and angry souls or those determined to pass on a final message to a loved human often need the assistance of a more experienced medium to communicate with them to receive that final message, then to give the Lost Soul very clear guidance that they now need to go to the Light and that there they will find the spiritual healing, peace and care they need.

Again some mediums just pass on messages from those in Spirit and feel that is enough, but identifying that a Soul is earthbound and confused and needs to be released to the Light at the end of the reading is also very important to ensure both the client and the spirit can move on and heal. 

In possession the spirit actually merges into the body of the human and lives inside them taking much energy and often causing more intense physical distress and emotional problems. This is harder to diagnose if you are not a psychic medium or medical intuitive but if medical doctors, nurses and healers knew more about this and learnt to take a careful history when a patient presented with sudden fatigue, depression and physical symptoms with no identifiable cause it could be recognised more often and fairly simple treatment given by a trained healer. 


Two early healing experiences convinced me of the value of this work. Firstly a client of mine complained of persistent swollen legs and fatigue that were resistant to both alternative and conventional health care. Releasing an elderly lady who had died of Congestive Cardiac Failure and had severe fatigue and swollen legs when in human form and who had taken up residence inside my client as she lay unconscious during surgery under anaesthetic resulted in virtually immediate and ongoing relief of symptoms. Another lady become chronically anxious and depressed when a relative committed suicide then merged into her during the funeral in order to stay near to the young children she had left behind. Again I saw the lady change from a rather hostile client to a quite pleasant and smiling person within a single hour consultation.

To achieve this outcome you need the skills of being able to psychically “see” inside the client’s body then carefully coax and energetically draw the lost soul out of the body and release them to the Light with the assistance of the Archangels Michael and/or other helpful Angels and Divinities. This need not be like a scene out of “The Exorcist” – it just needs a gentle but skilled healer to do this quietly and simply. Plus the healer needs to ensure the Lost Soul is guided to right up to the Light so they aren’t left wandering and subsequently latch onto another person.

Spiritual Healing to restore energy to the client and heal damage to the chakras is also important at this time. Clients might have been using drugs (both prescription or “Street” ones) and alcohol to treat the strange symptoms and thoughts they have been experiencing so it may require a few healings to do all this work– but clients with addictions can be at times be healed just by releasing the possessing spirit who was an addict in life. The constant craving was not just theirs alone. DARK AND DEMON SPIRITS Do they exist? Unfortunately yes, but in reality i find that working to transform all demon Spirits with Light works well here. Its rather like washing a dark and angry spirit with Light and Love them seeing them look around and realise they just were confused and unable to see the beautiful waiting Angels waiting to care for them. Black Magicians in some Asian countries can also work with the Souls of the Dead (especially unborn babies) to force them to enter the body and mind of those they wish to curse. 

Again a skilled psychic healer can either pick this up intuitively or by means of a careful history and again the treatment is similar plus releasing the effects of the curse by Karmic Release is also recommended here. Its sounds a bit freaky but in my own practice I have released alien implants, past life implants, matted and tangled dark energy cords causing acute pain with quite remarkable and instant healing results for clients with chronic headaches, migraines, gastric complaints, depression and emotional problems.


If you have trouble meditating or focussing your mind for spiritual work it is worth having some energy healing and clearing first so you can start your practice more easily...frequent meditation and staying centred being the key to self healing and staying safe spiritually.

Research in progress has documented my considerable success as a healer. My aim in presented this information is not to frighten people but awaken them to the fact that we live in a sea of energy and its best to call for the Archangels and Divinities to be with us and surround ourselves with White Light constantly to stay spiritually protected at all times.

ELISABETH JENSEN Oct 2009 www.isismysteryschool.com 
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As a professional psychic for many years I have seen lives transformed and healed by a positive psychic reading – and heard of many horror stories by clients AND psychics alike. In reality it’s usually a lack of understanding and education of how psychic abilities actually work that causes most difficulties in this area for both clients and psychics. 

Here are some ways you can have a much better psychic reading. 


Psychics vary enormously in their natural abilities and training, plus some specialise in one area only e g mediumship. Mediums are your best choice to hear how your loved ones in spirit are plus to help resolve loss and grief issues but are often not so good with relationships, finances and health problems...people in the spirit world mean well but if this wasn’t their area of expertise in life they can’t help much from the other side. So for health problems consult a medical intuitive and healer – plus your own medical practitioner! 

Ask family and friends for recommendations about whom to contact for readings if you know they have seen a psychic before. If possible check out the websites of your likely psychic to ensure that if you want a Past Life Reading you contact a psychic who can read Akashic Records – likewise for timing of events e.g. planning a wedding date, its best to consult a numerologist or astrologer.

Finally don’t forget to check the fees and method of payment to avoid difficulty at the end of your session.


Many clients feel this is the correct approach. “Don’t tell the psychic anything about yourself – if they are REALLY psychic they should know all about you” well meaning friends tell you. So 30 minutes of your one hour consultation time consists of you trying to decide if the psychic really is psychic –then after they have proved themselves for the next 30 minutes you receive a little bit of general stuff about your future -much of which “never happens”

So you have proved the clairvoyant is psychic – and tested their patience -often thus setting up a resistance to a flow of communication. ... It’s rather like going to your Medical Practitioner – you can give a quick history of your symptoms and 5 minutes later you have a diagnoses and treatment plan. Or if you prefer to make your doctor prove himself and refuse to discuss your problems and throw in a few “trick questions” you will get the same diagnosis 5 days later – after many expensive tests! 


If you do this the psychic can receive a clear flow of information from your aura and angels. It’s often easier for them to give you an accurate and detailed reading then. Telling the psychic why you are there saves time and the rest of your appointment you can receive lots of new information about your situation and the best way to deal with it. 

Some psychics do of course prefer not to receive any extra information – especially some 


Be they in spirit or just people you are concerned about having a picture makes it much easier for the reader to connect with them energetically. A date of birth helps if the psychic does numerology or astrology, especially for relationship readings. Some psychics like an object (psychometry) to hold belonging to the person in question. I like to stress to clients that a psychic reading is ABOUT YOU but for relationship and mediumship readings naturally it’s a little different.


Yes, clients do come and ask me to be a “Psychic Spy” to see if their ex boyfriend is having a hard time now, or is with somebody new or even to ask if their wealthy father is going to die soon. Unless it’s relevant and an enquiry of genuine concern for a client e g “I want to travel overseas but I am worried about leaving my elderly and sick parents for a long period of time in case of a crisis” any clairvoyant with good ethics will refuse to answer these


Most psychics won’t answer this question and I do suggest as a general rule you don’t ask. As a medical intuitive and former Palliative Care Nurse I believe in certain cases its better to be prepared and plan for your future in the spirit world and for the future of loved ones. So it’s not a topic I focus on but it’s not something I refuse to discuss.

A few psychics pass on all information they receive e.g. telling of impending deaths in the family, but I don’t believe this is responsible behaviour in most cases... Also I do not believe our futures are that fixed and in my experience often this type information in NOT correct and the psychic is just picking up on a clients fears.


Yes the future is not fixed! It’s wonderful when clients ask for suggestions about a future path. The angels and Divinities love this and can give lots of helpful suggestions here.


The information the psychic gives during the reading should resonate with you and most will tell you something only you could know. For future predictions naturally only time will tell... 


Discuss with your psychic to see what can be changed about your future. Sometimes unpleasant information is given to you as a catalyst for change – remember the information might be correct at the time of the reading – but much about YOUR PERSONAL FUTURE can be changed . Events involving other people might be outside your control. Again if you are really unhappy with the reading you need to consider that perhaps you didn’t choose the correct psychic for you and just let the information they gave you go for now. 


Yes, winning the lottery, travel and a new lover are all possible – but you still have to buy the tickets and allow your intuition and angels to guide you to be in the right place at the right time.

ELISABETH JENSEN also writes for The Australian Psychics Directory and was voted Psychic of the Year by the Australian Psychics Association Members. This article was published in her regular column for InnerSelf Magazine (SA & East West E
ditions) www.innerself.com.au in March 2010 

COPYRIGHT TO ELISABETH JENSEN www.isismysteryschool.com

The ancient Egyptian Divine Mother Goddess Isis came to me in meditation in 2002 and asked me to travel to Egypt as she had a new system of healing to give me. At that time I had little financial resources to do, this but within a few months I manifested the money - indeed so strong was the calling that I even considered selling my house to do so. But I was offered the chance to teach in Singapore first so this assisted my finances also.

I had read and studied about Egypt but was not prepared for the spontaneous energy initiation of intense blue light that I receive as I entered the Queens Chamber of the Great Pyramid. This indigo blue light pulsed through for about an hour before incredible bright white light beings followed with their own initiation process. To this day I still radiate blue light and I have many photos of me emitting blue light or with blue light visible in my aura, plus my clients and students often see blue light wash over them during healing sessions.

It took me several years of working with this energy to realize I had embodied the Isis energy at that time and now it simply is part of me. I had been on a spiritual path for over ten years at that time and had read widely and even taught various energy healing systems said to have come from the Great Pyramid and ancient Egypt. But none had the effect of this powerful Blue Healing Light that was now within me and that I discovered I could easily transmit to those in need of healing with remarkable results.

Soon after this spontaneous initiation experience happened I became very ill with a high fever and unable to breathe and I really thought I might die of this mysterious illness - the mystery became even more of a nightmare when I heard about SARS in Singapore…but of course I survived this ordeal of Shamanic Death and Rebirth.

No records exist and no physical proof exists that any but the Step Pyramid at Sakkara - one of the earliest pyramids built -were ever used as tombs for the pharaohs. The main religion in Egypt in now Muslim and more to fit in with this belief system than anything else the traditional Egyptologists maintain the actual three pyramids at Giza Plateau are no older the 5,000 years. The largest the three is The Great Pyramid and it is the only one with very strong positive energies and I believe it was the main one used for initiations for the ancient Priestesses and Priests.

Each time I return to Egypt I receive much more powerful healing energy in the Great Pyramid and I now voice channel many of the ancient divinities. My information ties in loosely with that of such great writers as Earley Chaney, Elisabeth Haich and Robert Bauval. But in the end Thoth- said to be an immortal God with access to the Halls of Amenti- has given me most information on how to access that underground power place - firstly through the Paws of The Sphinx (see attached picture) plus I visit there regularly in meditation by a process I was given to leave my physical body and take my Ka (or Etheric double) down there as described in The Emerald Tablets of Thoth.

My understanding is that the first Initiations were at the Temples of Egypt then over the process of about 10 years the Initiate spent time in what today we call the Queens Chamber and Thoth calls the Isis Chamber - a smaller chamber below the so called Kings Chamber that housed the sarcophagus. In the Queens Chamber a Rebirth into higher consciousness occurred after an Opening of the Mouth Ceremony. The final Initiations was in the great sarcophagus where the initiate lay for about three days while her Ka traveled in the other realms - some died but most after this time returned to their physical bodies with great magnified spiritual wisdom, psychic and magikcal abilities. I have seen a number of past lives where people returned to find the physical body dead in the sarcophagus but I believe this was in more recent times when much magical knowledge has been lost. In early ancient Egypt - say 40,000 years ago - this rarely happened for the initiate was carefully prepared plus the leyline energies were very powerful at that time and not damaged as they were from about 10,000 years ago plus far more in recent times!


Isis tells me that there was a final initiation that was available within her chamber for very high Initiates to receive their full powers - a type of alignment of the Ka with the Ba or Soul. The queen's chamber is aligned with the planet Sirius and is my favorite place - I feel at home there!!! It's not open to the general public but can be accessed today at times with special permission so the energies are clearer also.

After my first time leading a spiritual group and offering Initiations in The Great Pyramid I found part of me now resides there as a White Light Pyramid Guardian Being. I am consciously aware of living in two places at once now and constantly can see what is happening in the Pyramid - I see every visitor entering The Grand Gallery leading to the Osiris Chamber during the day, but at night when its dark and quiet my Ba rests in the Sarcophagus then travels down to the Halls of Amenti or sometimes travels between the Isis Chamber and Sirius.


People keep saying how I look younger every time they see me and I feel that although I am not quite immortal yet my Ka or Etheric Double is very strong! I visit my students etherically often in their meditations and indeed many of my students attend my courses or visit Egypt with me because I appear to them and summon them - or Isis does herself! None of this is done consciously, though these days I find chanting Isis in my mind and visualizing her flowing Blue Light to anybody in need or who would benefit from my courses is my chosen Secret Method of Manifestation that works very well…

True Egyptians talk of their hearts wisdom frequently and the ancient weighing of the heart (your conscience) ceremony by the goddess Maat to see if you qualified for a place in Egyptian Heaven - to join Ra the great Sun God then travel home to Sirius- was said to have occurred in the Halls of Amenti - direct access is from the sarcophagus down to the Halls of Amenti way below the Great Pyramid. All the great teachers and masters traveled to Egypt for these initiations in the Great Pyramid- Jesus, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalen, and Pythagoras to name a few.

I asked Isis the greater purpose of Initiation in the Great Pyramid at this current time….

“Blessed be for my name is Auset, and I call you once more to return to using this name.

My powers are great to heal the sick, but never the dying. We see saving the naturally dying as a great disservice to them and we are returning the world to balance now.

The one you called Thoth - they call him my uncle, the Moon God of Magic and Healing -is indeed the archangel of death and healing. Now remember we see life on this planet earth as hard for you - a test for your Ba (Soul) then you travel smoothly to Amenti if you are ready. We are telling you we need to undergo initiation in the pyramid in this life time to be ensured an immortal life. We know you cannot see WHY but the alchemical process of initiation is needed for more people at this time.

The physical earth is dying and the pyramids connect Heaven and Earth therefore it restores power and balance to your Ka and then it can merge with your Ba. It is like the earth is the Ba and the pyramid is the Ka and the Star Sirius is the *Sahu We cannot save your earth except you return to within her** ( to the Halls of Amenti) then live upon her, then return to your star home. Indeed you cannot save your earth physically but remember it is the Ba, the soul (of the earth) we always seek to save and as you do this service for the earth you yourself will have eternal blessed life and if its Sirius you seek to return to, be assured of your future home in the Stars as a Bright Shining One.

Do not be fearful about this information or try to understand each word but know as you visit the places of power in Egypt and ancient Avalon we are with you always seeking to restore harmony for the world to ascend into light from now and in preparation for 2013.

I am Auset your Mother, Blessed Be”

* The Sahu is the eternal spiritual body and is the matrix for the subtle bodies.

ELISABETH JENSEN is the author of Isis Lotus Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Magic and Divination cards and the founder of Isis Mystery School www.isismysteryschool.com

**Please see the ISIS MYSTERIES CD by Elisabeth (under Products) for a Meditation Soul Journey to the Halls of Amenti


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By Elisabeth Jensen

Will the world end in 2012 and will spaceships or angels come to save those who have cleared all their karma and completed their ascension process?

Well I do think the end of 2012 will be a little like the lead up to the Year 2K with outdated prophecies by Nostradamus and the Mayan Civilisation being rehashed regularly by the Media.

I predicted Hurricane Katrina (within one week timing) and for 2008 the China Earthquakes and the recent Hurricanes on the East Coast of USA. Now there isn’t huge Media interest in my predictions ever but I just want to say if I had died 500 years ago and my writings were recently discovered they would be dissected and I would be a famous dead prophet...


Well, by the way in which they are received and recorded often certain things are changed slightly. I often find my writings edited in magazines so what I see as vital is excluded or changed a little. Again sometimes the information is correct but it goes unreported as not significant in the media – I am sure this has happened to past prophets too!

I once predicted banking problems in Australia in June 2007 – with banks withholding money. Well it happened on June 1 that year – all Westpac computers were down when I went to withdraw some much needed cash. So all their customers were affected but only on that day – BUT it happened like this all month for me with credit cards and bank accounts not having the expected funds available – bank errors and delays were a regular part of my life. So I was glad I was a little forewarned and prepared at least.

I believe individuals have the power to change their future – although certain events will happen in their life they can change their future by their emotional response to situations. It’s harder to change the future for a group of very unhappy individuals and harder still for our damaged earth.

Yes, the physical earth is alive – but would you like to be the earth? Well no! So wouldn’t you feel sick and throw up a Hurricane or crack up and create an earthquake occasionally?

You will note its areas of great unrest and poverty that are often hardest hit by these events. You see humans affect our dear earth physically and energetically and by their emotional state. So the great challenge is how to heal and bring into peace all inhabitants of this earth

Yes, like a frail elderly person on life support we can’t make this world live much longer so some of the Mayan Prophecies were correct there and these are the end times for the earth! But we know there is an afterlife – aren’t their enough mediums in the world who have proved that?

So what if the world was simply to be allowed to pass peacefully into the light? Its sounds scary but just as we all die so eventually will the earth. This process started December 20 last year, will accelerate in 2013 and will be complete by 2050.

So I don’t believe the earth will end with a nuclear holocaust, or we will all starve slowly to death. But we need to accept the world is changing its physical form and to prepare to live in a world with different physical laws. Our souls are divine and so are we – and so is the earth. So you need to connect to your soul and the soul of the earth in meditation. As you develop this connection you will always be in the right place at the right time. In 2013 many will wake up one day and realise the big shift has happened and will see light everywhere on earth. It will be smooth and easy if you are already meditating and working with Light, but for most they will see no change for several years.

An increase in violence in South Africa An increase in deaths from AIDS and a new form of AIDS emerges. In mid 2009 the focus will be on central Africa as another massacre occurs like in Rwanda. Ongoing droughts and starvation especially in Ethiopia will see world assistance mobilised but not effective enough.

China will have a much quieter year with just a few small tremors and no major earthquakes. Floods and storms affect Florida and New York next September but not a major hurricane. Mild to moderate Earthquakes in southern areas of USA in October. Major Earthquakes in Turkey end of July or August.

Australia will continue to be the Lucky and Safe Country but with economic challenges our focus.

Hong Kong will be continuously beset by financial problems but WILL survive this crisis better than is expected by most. Singapore will have a similar year.

Failure of Insurance Companies will be the next great challenge and may happen before its actually 2009 but will not be as devastating as first thought due to world governments virtually ”printing money “ to save them.

ELISABETH JENSEN is the author of this article and it is COPYRIGHT to her. First written for Innerself Magazine in Adelaide S A Issue No 21 then expanded in Late October 2009 www.isismysteryschool.com 

My visits to Egypt have always been profound experiences. On the first occasion in March 2003 I experienced a very powerful Blue Light flowing into and around me as I meditated within the Queens Chamber of The Great Pyramid. This pulsating deep Blue Light still exists within me as a very strong energy that I can flow to people and places with thought intention as a healing and transformational experience for them.

In 2005 I returned and on that occasion met with Robert Bauval, author of several books including the new book The Egypt Code. I would say I agree with his concept of Egypt being a model of the heavens above and his now famous pyramid- stars correlation theory.

My experiences again during that visit were powerful as since my original visit my psychic abilities had greatly magnified and I found it incredibly easy to voice channel all the divinities of the Temples and received many insights about life long ago in Ancient Egypt. I attributed this to the Blue Energy I had received within the Queens Chamber.

Thoth is my constant companion in Egypt while home in Australia the Egyptian Goddess of Magic Healing and Spiritual Science, Isis, is my guiding light at all times. Thoth has taught me many things about alchemy – how to levitate, bend and twist metal spoons and work to create rain and harmonize the weather.

Thoth was also known as Hermes Trigemistis – the thrice born – and he wishes to give his side of the story. As an immortal being he was also able to incarnate into a physical body and live consciously i.e. he was aware of being both god and human thus was able to live for hundreds of years in the one physical body. Thoth was said to have existed in Atlantis then settled in Egypt and built the Pyramids at Giza Plateau plus to have written the famous Emerald Tablets.

My channeled messages from him are received straight onto my computer. Thoth says some of the information below is within the Emerald Tablets but few can understand it there. Now is the time to make much more spiritual knowledge available to all who seek it so he offers it here. Information in brackets I have added for clarification. Like all channeled information it is best understood by reading and meditating upon it.

“Dear Ones we tell you of an age of light descending upon the earth for we are reuniting you with the Stars once more. You see this is the function of the Great Pyramid – to reunite Heaven and Earth. It is a portal for beings from Sirius to enter the earth plane and for beings that live within the earth to be released back to the clear light of day.

When you take your camera inside (the Great Pyramid) you picture (photograph) many white light beings there (as Orbs of Light)...These are the White Light Beings from Sirius returning home after a time upon the earth or using it as a portal to enter your dense energies more smoothly. Those who live consciously on this earth plane as awakened these beings use it as a portal to return to the Halls of Maat and then their Starry Home, in Sirius.

To enter the Halls of Amenti where I did go while in human form is available to all the Star Borne from Sirius and Orion – those who prepare by meditation and rightful action can enter there to have physical healing and healing on the nine realms of the Soul.

To enter the Halls Of Amenti we suggest you first enter the Great Pyramid in meditation and lay within the Sarcophagus in the Chamber of Osiris ( the Kings Chamber) Be aware those who do not enter from the Chamber of Isis and Rebirth ( the Queens Chamber) we can not allow to enter immediately. We tell of times long ago now when you laid in there and died and were reborn in three days as a Being of great power – a god in human Form.

When you remember your true nature is as a Being of Light and forget the Laws of Physical form you have had instilled in you in this life and live within Law of Maat ( truth, balance and harmony in all areas of your life) you are ready to lie in the Sarcophagus.

To travel home to Sirius you must prepare by very seriously meditating in the Isis Chamber, the Osiris Chamber and back to the beloved Isis Chamber once more. But beware you will leave your physical body then so only do that when you are decided your time on the Earth School is to be ended.

You question me Elisabeth and I will respond. No never were the Pyramids used as tombs for the pharaohs but the ceremonies held there in the Isis Chamber were for those who had died to be rebirthed into higher Consciousness. Plus many died later within the Sarcophagus for they tried to be gods on this Earth but were ill prepared.

The Great One (Pyramid) has existed for 45,000 years your time and 49,550 years my time. I have compressed some time but it is still longer than you thought. When we all left eons ago those who returned had forgotten much so their skills in time and soul travel were poor. Thus they stayed away from their physical bodies too long thus died permanently in the sarcophagus.

When all was in Harmony and Maat – about 40,000 years ago- it was different on earth. It was like you call heaven. You ate of the forbidden apple (used knowledge incorrectly) then gradually it changed. It can never return to that pure state but if you work with the knowledge of the stars – the wisdom of the mother Goddess of the Sky, Nuit , and her daughter Isis all would be well on this earth.

You question me Elisabeth and I respond. Not all can enter my pyramid in physical form but in meditation will suffice. We tell you may establish a portal anywhere down to Amenti but to Sirius is harder but it can be done.

We ask that all physical experiments within the Great Pyramid cease. You must not seek to find Hidden Chambers by force or the response will be swift from the Guardians of The Pyramid. These White Light Beings protect the pyramid as Gateway between Heaven and Earth so will not allow this. There are chamber below where I stored my physical records but I will permit them to be found only in the correct timing of events.

You pass through them on your way to Amenti so seek to view them then with your clairvoyant mind – you cannot yet take your physical body to Amenti nor is it necessary. Go in your mind and energy body that is all you need.

We ask that in preparation for Celestial Events to occur in December 2007, April 2008 and May 2011 you meditate quietly after having invoked me. These events will cause some discomfort for the world but we tell you your world as you know it is changing anyway. It will come into Light sooner than any suspect.

Again we say alchemy of the physical body and Nine Realms of The Soul as the Initiates entered the Great Pyramid with intention was the purpose of the Great Pyramid. The White Light Beings from the bright star Sirius are seeking to return Heaven to Earth by their increased presence there during the past and future ten years.

Be as a child in spiritual matters and seek new knowledge constantly for we are bending time and physical laws so this world may continue – not as it has been but as a Planet of Light in the coming years.

Thoth through Elisabeth

Received May 16th 2007 

Written for New Dawn Magazine and published in issue 103. Copyright to Elisabeth Jensen.


The loss of a loved one is always difficult but the angels as usual have ways of assisting us – Angel Therapy is a term made famous by Doreen Virtue PhD, a psychologist and well known author of many angel books and card sets.

I recently attended her Advanced Angel Therapy course in sunny California – a wonderful experience. During this time we worked with her new Archangel Oracle Cards and I finally connected closely with Archangel Azrael – the Angel of Death, grief counsellors and mediums. What a workload he has!

Azrael also has so much wise and wonderful information to share that I thought I would allow him to tell you a little about life after death ……

“I come to prepare a human for death almost seven weeks before the actual death occurs. I counsel her on saying a gentle goodbye to loved ones and to make material preparations for those around her. We Angels do see the grief a death brings to loves ones and try to ease the way if only those who could hear us would listen. We do this preparation for all those returning to our care – no death is sudden or incomprehensible to us.

We loosen her aura so they may separate from the physical body easily just prior to death and prepare her soul for the journey home. We gather her relatives in spirit around her to bring her comfort and to ensure a safe passage to the Light. Often these departed loved ones communicate in dreams at this time – to prepare those still on the earth plane for the afterlife and again to ensure those left behind are cared for.

When you receive these messages as a medium, we ask you to pass them on in a gentle fashion to prepare the human for the joys of the spirit world. The joy there for those who have considered about these things and made preparation is indescribable. But it is a place all may reach with gentle guidance from those on the earth plane if they do stray.

We ask that those without schooling in the afterlife do read books on the subjects or consult with an expert who can ensure a gentle transition in the case of a difficult death such as suicide and drug related deaths. We ask you to visit with knowledgeable mediums and wise grief counselors as these things do allow those in the spirit world to be at peace and to pass on their final messages. Forgiveness and understanding we do see as vital for the health of souls in the physical and spiritual realms. I, Azrael, do try to facilitate these sessions so Loved One and Left Ones can resolve their differences – we do see the sad and guilty souls who hover around Left Ones causing more grief for them.

If the conversations are facilitated and guilt and grief expressed, the healing will occur so much easier for you all there in Earth School, and this will let the departed soul go to the Light quickly and with joy. We Angels constantly see you humans living a life of pain and it does sadden us when we can arrange these meetings easily.

My fellow Angels Hamied, who causes Miracles to occur, and Raphael, who offers healing to all sad ones on earth, and Michael, who offers Angelic protection at all times, required you also ask them for assistance before death to prepare the way for yourself or your Loved Ones. Know that I, Azrael, will assist you at all times of grief in amazing ways – please just request my assistance.

We await your transition into Light with joy….I am Azrael”

Received By Elisabeth Jensen 2nd August 2004

Copyright to Elisabeth Jensen 


COMPLETE KARMA CLEARING -- Elisabeth Jensen Interviews Archangel Metatron
In the last issue of Spheres I interviewed Hamied, the Angel of Miracles (Scroll down to See "Interview with an Angel" below). The meditation he gave for manifesting miracles has proved highly successful for many people in manifesting unexpected sources of money e.g. in forgotten bank accounts, lottery wins and in my case simply standing up to find I was sitting on money that wasn’t there before !

I find communing with Angels via the computer a valuable source of information and a skill that is easily learned . Metatron is a spiritual technician very skilled in vibrational energy healing and medical knowledge. I call him my Medical Intuition Angel and believe he assisted Edgar Cayce with his Akashic Records and past life readings. He is also the keeper of The Akashic Records – our Soul Records .

EJ: Dear Metatron , welcome to this interview.

“Blessings Dear EJ we welcome this chance to share our wisdom.”

EJ: Metatron Please tell me who you really are ?

“I am a Being of Light of Infinite Wisdom and Knowledge. To know me is to have access to all knowledge past, present and future. I am a bright pure white light energy but I sometimes change this to orange gold when I am sending energy encodements or Rainbow Light as a form of fine vibrational energy attunement

Once I lived upon the earth as the one you call Enoch. My Source Creation – the one you call God/Goddess took me to the Light to become an Angelic Being . My reward for being a Prophet of Light and Higher Vision.”

EJ: Metatron what information do you wish readers of Spheres to receive today ?

“There is no today ! There is No Time for us Angelic Beings of Light. We exist continuously in Joy and Bliss. We wish you to know this, so you will not be bound by that which you call Karma. Karma is a human creation that binds you to time and physical matter. We wish to teach you to release this Karma completely.”

EJ: Metatron please explain more about Karma first.

“Each life you live your Soul Energy impregnates itself with the energy of pain and suffering. A baby does not arrive free of this energy – it is impregnated in his Soul Star chakra - also known as the Transpersonal Chakra which is about 10 – 15 cms above your head. We arrive and await the time of energy release which causes us to experience a certain situation, lesson or experience . Some are positive and pleasant, but many are hard lessons. We have our Soul Divine Seed Pearl to thank for all of this.

The memory of the pain we have caused others is also recorded here. This is why as you pass to the spirit world you have a recall of your life . This pain saddens you so much you determine never to cause it again, but to recreate it for yourself in your own next life as a way of reminding you of this. But on your return to earthly life you feel punished for your hard existence and forget it was your choice and continue to give and receive pain freely. So the cycle goes on. So we advise a life of causing no pain to any living creature. You will experience relief immediately here on earth for this, and eternal bliss. And we remind you to clear karma from this life as well as past ones so your passing will be aware and almost karma free.”

EJ: Metatron would you say Karma is recorded energy memory that determines our experiences while on this earth ?


EJ What about free will ?

“You don’t have free will on this earth plane ! You were sent here without choice as a learning experience for your soul. Once here and at about the age of ten years you start to have real choices in your life . We ask you to dismiss your belief in a free will universe. We angels and the Mother Goddess you call Isis say if you surrender your will to us you too could be as an angel but just with a denser physical body. Imagine the powers to heal your self and others, and to create heaven on this earth you would have !”

EJ : How could I safely surrender my will ?

“First you must prepare by clearing Karma from your Soul Divine Seed Pearl .

This takes most of your unpleasant karma from you very quickly. Requesting Karmic Release on a verbal level only clears on a mental level .It does not clear on a deep soul level You will be amazed at the miracles that will occur for you after this clearing.”

Here is the karmic release meditation-

Ask for Metatron to be with you . Call in the one you call Hamied ( Angel of Miracles)

And the Mother Goddess Isis. See me above you simply as a pure bright white light.

Think of a situation causing you pain Ask for a karmic release from this situation – through all the lives, all the levels and bring the release into the present time now. Then I and Hamied will pour bright white light from the Creation Source down onto your Soul Star Chakra See a small ball of white light spinning above your head and the white light cleansing and purifying it. As this happens visualize a beautiful Goddess in front of you and ask Isis to grant this release for you now in return for your decision to live a life of joy in the future that you will used in the service of mankind. Isis will usually grant this to you and your situation will clear. Be aware it may temporarily appear worse then suddenly improve. When you have considered this keep seeing the bright white light flowing into your Soul Star Chakra and then your whole body. Then the color changes to orange gold as Metatron puts in a new encoding of joy and greater spiritual awareness that releases you from having to experience the same painful situation ever again. You must wait ten days for the new encodings to fully activate.

EJ: And to surrender my will ?

“This is enough my child The clearing of Karma if done frequently on all situations including so called “difficult people ” will allow for you to have no ego to concern yourself with, and so your will becomes angelic, and angels only do the will of God / Goddess. You will be a TRUE Earth Angel as in the days of Lemuria. Release, surrender and see yourself as an angel blessing everybody you meet and many beautiful miracles will follow.

Blessed Be on your return to the Light I Am Metatron.”

Received March 27th 2005
Published in Spheres The Spirit Guide Magazine, April 2005
This article may be copied and distributed as long as the writer is acknowledged in writing.
Copyright to Elisabeth Jensen


-- Elisabeth Jensen Interviews Tot, Faerie of Good Luck, Magic and who can Grant All Your Wishes!

Now this interview was more of a challenge than my usual Angel Interviews as I find Faeries are not as patient as Angels with answering questions or revealing secrets. I did it over several occasions – mainly while sitting outside in my Faerie Garden. But Tot is with me as I write this on the computer now, just making sure I have it right. Like all Elementals he is very direct, and with a good sense of cosmic humour. Faeries are part of the Angelic Realm but unlike Angels who are here just to assist us they have other priorities, and Tot says his role is to educate humans about this.

EJ: Dear Tot, welcome! Can you REALLY do all of the above things – grant good luck and all our wishes?

TOT: Dear Lissie I can! Remember the day we first met as you sat in your garden, when I guided you to put spring water in a fluorite crystal bowl in the sun, then I said I would jump into it, and put a Magical Spell in the water and you were to drink it ?

EJ: Yes.

TOT: Well, what happened ? Didn’t you get a shock when I infused my magic and power into you ?

EJ Yes, it was very profound experience– my clairvoyance opened right up and from that day I could see and communicate very easily with faeries and nature spirits. But it was about two weeks before I felt really grounded again – I just wanted to stay home and rest and play and be with the Faeries – I was OFF WITH THE FAERIES for two whole weeks !

TOT: See, that was my Magic ! You could have paid a lot for a course to teach you how to Talk with Faeries.

EJ: Yes, I appreciate that! And for all the good things that seemed to follow in my life.

I presume that was you and your magic, and if so can you tell me how you do it please.

TOT: I can’t tell all my secrets, but I will tell you some true things about faeries.

In some ways we are more powerful than Angels, because God puts no restrictions on us!

We can do as we like, and if we like you we help you lots. If we don’t we take steps to trip you up and move you away from us.


TOT: Yes, we are trying to move all those we don’t like from this planet!

EJ: Really – you have this role and power?

TOT: Yes, we see the world in disarray and we wish to save it for ourselves. The nature spirits and faeries like peace, quiet, happy plants, happy animals and happy children. Hurt any of these things and we want you gone from our space and the earth.

EJ: How do you trip us up as such, plus move us on ?

TOT: We trip you up with energy manipulation – we take energy from your aura around your feet so you fall over, as you feel unbalanced. We take energy from your heart centre so you feel stressed, and eventually you develop a physical illness. We and the nature spirits can create fire, earthquakes, floods and the like – they make you run away from our areas very fast.

EJ: I get the picture. Now what about the good luck part please ?

TOT: We spin gold energy into your aura, and we fill you with magical energy so you feel loving and happy. This works with the Law Of Magnetic Attraction – you attract beautiful situations and people into your life. We move objects closer to you to assist you, and we show you things that usually you don’t see like helpful books and crystals.

EJ: Can you bring us money please ?

TOT: Faeries don’t understand your wish for money. We can bring you happiness and joy and beautiful pets. If you worked with us all the time you wouldn’t need money. We will bring you gold if you wish, and diamonds if you like, but you must not give them away if the faeries bring them.

EJ: Ok, I will await my gold and diamond delivery, thank you. Now what about the part about granting us all our wishes please ?

TOT: We can do this if WE WISH but we don’t usually. We are energetic beings, forces of nature, as are all in the spirit world. We can manipulate energy at will – and all matter is energy. When we combine forces with nature angels and the ones you call gods and goddesses we can create Heaven or Hell for you on earth. When we want to flow to you things to bring you joy we can – we can read your mind, and we know your wishes. If you study what we like you to do, plus how to talk and communicate with us we can help you create Divine Magic at will. You can control the weather, levitate, become invisible at will – as you know, dear Lissie.

EJ: So its you who make me invisible at times - I have lots of reports of this happening, usually it’s when I want to be alone!

TOT: It’s very simple – we put Very Bright White Light around you and people just see empty space.

EJ: Any more secrets you wish to teach readers of Spheres to bring joy and good luck to their lives.

TOT: We tell you to manifest good luck you must first take the time to talk and work with us, and to prove yourself to us. When we like you, we will tell you ( intuitively) to make up a Faerie Potion as above and drink it. You may use a glass bowl with a fluorite crystal in it if you don’t have a crystal bowl. After asking for a Good Luck Faerie to energize it, you drink it. Then do kind deeds for others for seven days – especially be nice to animals, children and the environment. Your wishes will be granted when WE WISH.

EJ: NO promises I gather, just wait to see what happens….

TOT: EXACTLY! But we always help our true friends, like you dear Lissie, don’t we ? It is a matter of trusting us, not trying to control or direct us.

EJ: Finally, a burning question that I am frequently asked. Will the world continue on after 2012 – the end of the Mayan calendar ?

TOT: Yes it will, cos we Faeries like it here. We may move you all on though, if we don’t like the way you behave in our home ! We grant you five more years on this planet for now though.

EJ: Thank you Tot, that makes our choice very clear! Thank you for your patience and wisdom and I assure you I will pass on your messages.

Elisabeth Jensen teaches Angel and Spirit communication through her many courses.

Written for Spheres, the Spirit Guide Magazine, in 2005
Copyright to Elisabeth Jensen
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--- Talking with Hamied, the Angel of Miracles - By Elisabeth Jensen 
   Article written for Spheres Magazine on 2nd of January 2005 

My most favorite angel is Hamied, the bright white intense angel energy known to be able to create miracles instantly. Miracles that are beyond the comprehension of any human.

I met him first thirteen years ago and he has been my constant companion since then, creating many miracles for me and all those around me. He is an angel of immense power, a definite sense of Cosmic Humor and as he hovers over my bed each night he gives me amazing show of violet white light that lights up the whole room.

I will ask him questions by typing them into my computer, then allowing him to reply.

Hamied why did you choose to come to me please?

“I come to all but in that moment there was a Moment of Grace that you had earned from a previous lifetime, and so we intervened in a life of pain and sadness and healed you “

Is this possible for everyone – a miracle healing at anytime?

“It is always possible but it may be as an Act of Grace if no request has been put to God and the angels, or it may be as a response to a direct request for assistance, or as a Manifested Miracle “.

What is a Manifested Miracle please?

“A miracle you create with your mind! The type you were put here on earth to use as a tool for your day to day life – to make it joyous and simple to heal difficult situations. You – most humans- forgot this ability long ago! We wish to reawaken you to this control you have over your life.”

How best can we create mind miracles please?

“Be at peace with yourself and your failings and trust we angels care! Then quiet your mind and your heart and your breathing. Focus on the Pineal Gland (right in the centre of your head). See in its place a beautiful pale blue Seed Pearl of Divine Creation. Radiate out from here a blue white light till your mind feels peaceful... then see me in front of you and hand all your problems and fears to me. Then see and feel the situation as healed in a very joyous way.

The miracle will occur in the best way for you “

Is that all we need do?

“No, my child you need to do it continuously every day, all the time with every situation.

You can add extra energy from a quiet and compassionate heart and extra energy from a healed base chakra. “

But my wishes don’t always manifest!

“I am the Angel of Miracles not wishy washy wishes! Divine intervention is always for your highest good and the highest good of those around you. Wish creation would cause more havoc upon this ravaged earth of yours.”

What creates disasters and disease?

“Your emotional energy being of despair can create havoc or new inspiration.

Continuous chaotic energy around you causes “natural” disasters and accidents.

Chemicals and drugs cause an imbalance of your field and many diseases over time, but your

energy of fear that surrounds this planet causes most damage. You live in a free will universe We Angels cannot stop a disaster that you create unless enough band together to send Divine Angelic White Light and requests for Angelic Intervention.

The major “natural disasters “as recently experienced in Asia were a combination of ocean pollution and nuclear explosions both past and recent. We angels were there in great masses to assist, but we cannot stop what man insists to destroy with misused power.

Can angels change all situations?

“In an instant, in a flash of bright white light all can be healed.”

How do you do this?

“We use energy from your mind – quiet energy creates beautiful miracles and we form it into a mass of pure bright white light that changes the atomic structure of matter so this all becomes very high vibrational energy. We condense it again, and change energy at will. True alchemy! We can create and condense and reconstruct matter at will... The elements of earth, fire, water, air and spirit are fluids to us. We work with the spirits to do this; we always work in combination with the nature spirits.

Of course you can do this too, then you can co create miracles with us. We are meant to be your companions and helpers and guides and instructors on your journey through life

You forgot to add us to your school curriculum!”

Can we ever really live a life of true joy on earth?

“It is your choice. You choose moment by moment to create havoc or joy. A quiet mind of joy that is fully trained and disciplined can be in joy continuously. But the world around you will not be in joy so you will never be what you call Happy.”

We angels do not believe in The Pursuit of Happiness. We believe that the quiet joy of being one who can create healing miracles for others as your priority will bring you the most pleasure at this time.

Your earth is sadly flawed at present, so natural disasters and man made violence will persist for more years “

How many years?

“We say that by 2013 you will all have chosen your path and will be in two dimensions – Heaven on Earth or Difficulty on Earth.”

Can you offer hope to all who will never meet you?

“You all have that possibility as I work under many names! An Angel, God, Allah.

I am creation energy of God. We are all God, therefore I am God and I can create all good things for all people who wish to train the mind You train a child to walk ,you must train a child to create Mind Miracles by the age of 10 years or it is more difficult later.

What about the Divine Feminine?

“I am a male energy, not a feminine energy. I create with Isis, Mary and Kuan Yin We work in tandem and we complement each other. We need this balance of yin and yang energy. Your understanding of energy is flawed on Earth School and leads you to believe that matter is solid , that creating and work is proper, but rest and renewal and some destruction in not. All things must die in order to be recreated again. You must have the need for the miracle for the miracle to occur, and sometimes this is painful, but this is your learning cycle.”

Your final message for our readers please.

“We bless you and know we have your joy as our purpose for being- this is why we were created. We await your request to live a life of abundance and inner peace. Please call on us often and continue to see yourself and the world as healed. Spread our beautiful white violet light everywhere you go.

At bedtime tonight ask for my presence. Visualize me above your bed giving you a miracle healing overnight. For many this will happen, for now is the time of miracle healings occurring for many will see me and we assure you our angelic energy is available to all who request our presence.

Many miracles and blessings from Archangel Hamied!”

PS I have requested Hamied to please be present with you all each time you do this bedtime meditation, and he promises to make his presence known to many. Elisabeth

Written for Spheres - The Spirit Guide Magazine (Australia) and published in February 2005 


SELF HEALING AND CANCER -- By Elisabeth Jensen Dip App Sc (CHN)
There is a myriad of books written now on self healing and indeed many newly diagnosed cancer sufferers often feel bewildered on how to approach their situation. So I wrote the following information based on my own self healing practices and what I have learnt from many years as a spiritual healer and medical intuitive.

They are my own personal beliefs but based on many years experience firstly as a Registered Nurse in Intensive Care, then as a Nurse Practitioner where I worked virtually as a doctor in country South Australia, then later in Oncology then Palliative Care. Along the way I developed a major life threatening cancer myself and many other illnesses – and overcame them.

Basically the conventional medical system offers many amazing treatments but they can’t heal your soul or deal with energy problems. Their treatments of chemotherapy and radiotherapy cause severe damage to the aura, energy field and physical body. My suggestion is unless you have studied or practiced energy healing and are a regular meditator to accept the offered surgery as a quick solution then have energy healing with a highly skilled Spiritual, Alchemical or Energy Healer – not your friend who has just completed Reiki One – then study meditation and self healing. I know Chemotherapy causes less energetic damage and it’s always a client’s decision but I personally would never have radiotherapy or recommend it.

For clients used to spiritual and energy work I offer Karmic Release and Healing FIRST – often the tumor or situation can just disappear overnight! But it takes a determined client and proficient healer with access to Karmic Angels and Deities who can change your Akashic Records This done it is also necessary to see the lesson behind the illness and to spend some time in meditation and contemplation and have another healing or two – I offer Soul Reconnection and Alchemical Soul Healing here.

When I was diagnosed with cancer many years ago I was in a very difficult marriage. I needed a hysterectomy and radical surgery in a hurry but my husband refused saying we couldn’t afford it and if I waited 12 months he would sign the necessary papers – in those days a husband’s consent was required for a woman to have a hysterectomy! Needless to say I managed to get the surgery done as a life threatening emergency but determined to leave my husband – we weren’t wealthy but had private health insurance and our own home - plus a young child.

So after the surgery I refused further treatments and left the hospital declaring I was “All better now.” I wasn’t but I wanted custody of my only daughter… So there was a sheer determination there that saw me through the next ten difficult years till suddenly the cancer just left me completely. Along the way I lost custody of and all access to my daughter and often suffered deep depression, but somehow managed to survive due to my deep belief that cancer was curable by the mind alone and also I Knew if could live long enough I would see my daughter again.


Simply because over the years I have found women (or men) who are different , very determined or even somewhat difficult people on a personal level often survive cancer far better or overcome it all together but those sweet, kind, generous and gentle souls who submit to every surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment offered rarely live more than a few years.

For myself I was glad later I no other option but to go on with my life...and yes, my daughter came back to see me the moment she turned 18 and we are very close now.


I find usually it’s not and even though I believe it’s really important it’s also best to consult a skilled healer who can diagnose and treat many energy imbalances. Plus often there are problems with lost souls around a depressed person who has been in a hospital situation, or part of a person’s soul may need to be returned to them. Often the loss of a life partner or child can trigger a major illness due to soul energy loss and this is hard to correct oneself.

Again the damage done by Surgery and chemotherapy is best treated by a person skilled in this area and the combined effects of energy healing and meditation can then be quite dramatic and highly effective.


Hamied, Angel of Miracles, and The Goddess Isis are my constant companions now. Each might I release my fears, worries and any health problems to them and they flow healing energy to me. Usually by morning most situations are resolved.

It’s not the “Fighting and Beating This Illness” that will heal you…It’s the surrendering and release and strong belief that you and an angel or divinity has the power to heal your life at any moment now that will see you through the illness or difficult situation.

Finally, remember that healing is different to curing and sometimes it’s simply allowing a client to make a smooth transition into the joys of the spirit world that is the role of a truly skilled healer.

Written for Adelaide’s Innerself Magazine and published in June 2008
Copyright to Elisabeth Jensen

Releasing the Secret Healing Power of the Great Egyptian Pyramid to YOU!
By Elisabeth Jensen, Founder of Isis Mystery School

Isis Lotus Healing is a unique system of energy healing that I have been teaching since early 2004. In that first year I taught it numerous times in Australia, plus also in Singapore and USA.

Prior to traveling to Egypt in 2003 I was told intuitively I would develop a system of healing based on my experiences there and was given the name – Isis Lotus Healing. While in the Queens Chamber of The Great Pyramid an intense bright Blue Light surrounded me and kept flowing into my crown chakra and heart – an intensely blissful experience that lasted about an hour.

Thus I received the Isis Healing Blue Light and I found that my healing and psychic abilities were greatly magnified from that experience. Many more mystical experiences have occurred during my frequent Sacred Journeys to Egypt and each time I have had an increase in my healing abilities and developed further course levels.

My background is as a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Community Health Nurse. I have studied many reseach based healing modalities such as Therapeutic and Healing touch, plus have taught Reiki, Isis Seichim, Therapeutic Touch and developed the multi leveled Angel Miracles Courses. Isis Healing is a very intuitive system of spiritual healing but I drew on this background in Energy Medicine to develop and teach it as a very highly effective healing modality.

Traditionally the color blue is visualized for pain reduction, to calm clients and for cancer and I have found this is the greatest benefit students report with their clients after attending the Level One Course and receiving attunements to this energy. The Isis Energy can often be seen by students as blue light in front of them and coming from their hands – it is an actual free flowing energy that I see as part of the Divine Feminine Energy called Goddess Isis. Naturally this blue energy is excellent for self healing and I also attune clients during healing sessions and find people of all ages respond extremely well to both healing and this attunement.

During my first time in the Pyramid I also experienced being surrounded by White Light Beings and received the White Siriun Reconnective Energy. This energy seems to activate psychic abilities in students plus it is also used for healing – simply holding your hands close to a person in pain and asking for this energy to flow to them will relieve pain and discomfort.

As well as The Egyptian Goddess Isis I also teach you how to connect with various Divinities and work with them in a focused way during a healing session. Spiritual Surgery is included in Level One and it is a powerful, safe and easy way to treat patients.

Prior to Level Two I now have students attend my new Isis Lotus Divination course so that they develop a closer connection with, and understanding of, the Egyptian Divinities plus develop their intuitive skills and can offer Isis Card and Past Life Readings. I have recently developed Isis Lotus Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Divination and Magick Cards especially for this course.

In Level Two of Isis Healing I teach students to work to clear karmic blocks at a very deep level – including clearing and activating Divine Seed Pearls of energy latent within us all. Students are attuned energetically to the Goddess Sekhmet – all the powerful spiritual healers in Ancient Egypt were Priest/esses of Sekhmet – to assist with this healing. Secret Codes of Magdalen, Mary & Isis offers healing at a deep level for students and is now required prior to Isis Healing Level 3.

Level Three includes Isis Soul Retrieval and Alchemical Soul Healing – this is based on the Ancient Egyptian Mummification process and enables healing at a very deep emotional and spiritual level. A Teachers Course is now available for Level One due to demand for courses.


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-- The personal experience of a modern day Initiate

The goal of all the Ancient Egyptian Priest/esses was to be Initiated in the Great Pyramid in Giza and this was a long held dream of mine since a powerful mystical experience occurred there in 2003 when the Goddess Isis appeared to me in the Queens Chamber and I had the amazing experience of vivid Electric Blue Light flow through me continuously for about an hour as I sat and meditated in a blissful state. Large White Light Beings then appeared – again I could clearly see them with my physical eyes – and walked through and around me performing some type of Initiation. I returned next day to the Kings Chamber and another very powerful experience as I lay in the Great Sarcophagus in there.

So I longed to return and have more private meditation time in the Great Pyramid. On my return home I studied many books about Initiations in the Great Pyramid as well as having many powerful insights of my own past life experiences in Egypt. Isis told me I had been a Priest/ess and High Priestess many times in Ancient Egypt and so I decided I STILL could be one! I then organized my own private tour to Egypt with a specialized travel company which enabled us time alone in the Great Pyramid and for me to also offer Priestess / Priest Initiations and for me to be Initiated as a High Priestess of Isis as I lay in the Great Sarcophagus.

I would like to say we can all become Priests and Priestesses by simply following a spiritual path and by devotion to a particular God or Goddess and their work. To become a High Priestess is just to formally acknowledge ones long time study of, and with, a particular Goddess and to affirm that one is ready to train others in her work. I am not aligned with any particular spiritual belief system or organized religion.

With a background as a Registered Nurse, Midwife and Spiritual Healer and Teacher as well as a Psychic and long time student and teacher of Egypt Mysteries I decided I was qualified to Initiate others and train them in Ancient Egyptian ways – if not me who else I guess ?

Goddess Isis is the well known Ancient Egyptian Goddess of magic, healing and spiritual science. Also known as the Divine Mother, The Great Sorceress and Goddess of 10,000 Names as all Goddesses are aspects of her. So to work closely and continuously with Isis offers one great powers of healing, divination and sacred magic.

Gods and Goddesses are Archetypal energies – great energy pools of power. The Ancient Egyptian Priests and Priestesses knew that if you constantly worked energetically with one Divinity you absorbed their energies and powers into your energy field and body and then you started to take on their characteristics and abilities.

The Ancient Egyptians didn’t separate their spiritual and every day life. Every act was sacred and performed for a purpose. In the temples worship of the Deities was continuous – from early morning when they greeted the statues of the Divinities and bathed and dressed them, then said prayers and made offerings, till late at night when they were ceremonially cared for again before being allowed to rest for a few hours.

In my belief system the Great Pyramid was built as the ultimate Temple of Initiation. A pyramid focuses energy inwards and it is most powerful in the centre – the so called Kings Chamber was built to maximums this energy.

The temples trained priests and priestesses in all the great mysteries for many, many years, before a select few were allowed to undergo final Initiation in the Great Pyramid at Giza.

This was to minimize failure as they lay in the Great Sarcophagus for three days as their soul left their body only to return when all the tests were completed. Some failed of course, and their physical body died during this time. Prior to this Initiations occurred in the Temples and the Queens Chamber – a smaller room in the Great Pyramid used for Rebirth into Higher Consciousness Ceremonies for both the living and the dead. It is a portal for the return of the Divine Feminine Electric Blue Energies from the star Sirius and for White Light Beings from Sirius. The White light Beings are known to us as the Ancient Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

On our recent visit to Egypt we had two hours totally alone in the Great Pyramid two days after we arrived. I performed Energy Initiations in The Queens Chamber then in The Kings Chamber as the participants lay in the sarcophagus. At the end of the journey, after many private late night and dawn ceremonies in many temples, we returned for the final Initiations in The Great Pyramid .With great ceremony, music and the visible presence of many White Light Beings and Divinities I Initiated all present as Priests and Priestesses of Isis and Sekhmet. Several instant healings of physical complaints occurred at this time, and all felt overwhelmed with love and gratitude at the presence of the Goddesses. I also received further information about a system of Ancient Egyptian healing that evolved using the energies and information from my first experiences in the Queen’s Chamber and that is proving highly effective for a range of physical and spiritual disorders.

Many psychic experiences and abilities manifested for participants and many ancient secrets were revealed to me both during and following this experience. This of course was the purpose of the Initiations as the Ancient Initiates well knew. The pyramids are great energy storage and powerhouses designed to download much information encoded in them energetically during expanded states of consciousness that occur during meditations and Initiations there. They are also the “Earth Home” of many White Light Beings from Sirius and Orion – a place for them to recharge their energies and magnetize the energies of all who enter there consciously.

On both occasions as I stood at the head of the granite sarcophagus I felt incredible amounts of energy and power flow through me which I then flowed to those who lay in the sarcophagus. As this happened waves of energy flowed through them and their physical bodies seemed to disappear then reappear. White Light Beings flowed into and around them and the Initiate’s crown chakra’s became as a huge 1,000 Petalled Lotus.

Both times I was almost unable to walk after leaving the Great Pyramid – it was like having my power and energy source suddenly switched off! Several months on my psychic and healing power are greatly expanded, and if I wish to have healing I simply visualize myself back in the Sarcophagus and invite Isis and the White Light Beings from Sirius to give me healing and energy and it occurs instantly.

I don’t claim to be enlightened or Ascended , but I see the world through much wiser eyes now and I have a great inner peace. Part of my soul remains in the Great Pyramid and I know that when I decide to leave my physical body my soul will return to the Queen’s Chamber in preparation for returning to the Stars. The Ancient Egyptian Initiates knew many secrets but the greatest were only ever revealed to those who prepared for, and received, Initiations in The Great Pyramid. The alchemical changes to the physical body affect the heart and the brain – greatly expanding the pineal gland (the true Third Eye) and opening an energy portal behind one. So constant contact with the Divinities occurs and the alchemy continues till eventually the Initiate becomes so full of light that they become The Light and release the need for a physical body and simply return to their Soul Home for a blissful eternity.

Published In New Dawn Magazine 2006 Copyright to Elisabeth Jensen


By Elisabeth Jensen



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