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Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.

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Firstly Welcome to all the new subscribers from the recent Whole Life Expo in Adelaide plus my Melbourne Courses at Mystical Dragon. 

The Winner of the free 60 minute psychic phone reading is Kaysley. Congratulations and thanks to everybody who entered or came to our stand to say Hello.

While our Earth appears to be in chaos my channeling sessions and visions show our future world as an evolved Planet of Light. But it still seems to be about a 60 - 80 year plan before we are all living on an Earth that appears filled with Light and Joy. Meanwhile at present we are going through a rather difficult Birthing Time here on an Earth that is calling out for more LightWorkers to unite to speed up the process.by becoming regular practitioners of Healing with Light and Gods and Goddesses plus Channeling Messages pf Light. 

At present channeling Gods and Goddesses is not really a highly sought after event by most Australians who are are happy to hear from Departed Loved Ones in Spirit but are not so sure about the wisdom and purpose of messages from Deities and Archangels. Anyway both my channeling sessions were well attended and very well received last weekend at Whole Life Expo in Adelaide last weekend.  I accepted years ago i am always about 30 years ahead of current ways of understanding the world. In Asia my work is highly popular as many more people revere the Deities and understand their true powers. 

A strong belief that a higher power or Deity  can heal you dramatically plus improve your life is a great gift really. Let me explain first that many years ago  married a Indian Hindu man from Malaysia and soon developed a fascination for the Gods and Goddesses in the Temples I visited but sadly could not accept they could actually assist me in anyway. Many years after my divorce and Spiritual Awakening I discovered i could actually communicate with the Deities telepathically  to receive much wisdom and guidance from them plus transfer their energy to myself plus other people to heal them also.  So after many years of working first with Archangels then Ancient Egyptian Deities I now also work with the Hindu Deities for Healing and Good Fortune in life.

The Hindu Deities have never requested I follow any specific religious practices myself but they say having great respect and showing gratitude for their assistance plus continuously merging with their energy with the intention of healing specific persons and places is the important thing for me to do. During my Sri Lanka visit in March this year i sent healing energies for about an hour each to about 6,300 people during six separate 3 hour seminars that were focused primarily on honoring Goddess Lakshmi  at her annual Birthday Pujas.  Many of those participants  later stated had received total physical healing of all their health concerns within a few minutes to a week after this healing, while many more had partial but still very significant improvements. Many participants are not able to access regular medical or hospital care due to the financial costs so its very exciting for me to be able to assist them in this way.

Was I the healer?  No,not really just the transmitter of energy from the Deities plus some highly evolved Spirit Doctors who decided to assist them also. Was it the peoples strong religious belief that healed them? Well many were not actually Hindu people but still believed in the power of the Deities to assist them .Finally the people expected to be healed as they totally trust and respect  the organiser of my Sri Lankan events Asiri who is a Spiritual Teacher himself and told them I was a very good healer. Did I use Hypnosis to make them believe I could do this? Well yes in a way as I know people from the Indian Subcontinent are usually much more responsive to going into deeply relaxed trance states and in trance what we hear becomes out reality although actually few people present understood my English and my translator Asiri is not a hypnotherapist himself. 

So in the end it was the peoples own trust and beliefs that the powerful Deities could actually heal them as we all worked together for this. Personally I know energy and spiritual healing works regardless of a persons belief but in the long term healing is always much more successful  if the client is open to the fact  that healing is possible plus requests it for themselves.

So many things are possible really plus in our future world it will  just being trusting of the fact that we do have the power to heal and create our own future with Divine assistance on both a personal and planetary level. I have spent many years developing my healing abilities and courses plus studying with the world greatest healers such as John of God in Brazil plus past Healers and Hypnotherapists. This is not new knowledge really but but we are living in amazing times where we have access to study both past and present knowledge and combine them together to create what we today call Spiritual Healing Miracles…

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