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Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.

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Well its not that long and I will be off with great excitement for my 10th Sacred Journey to Egypt which starts in Cairo November 9th. Before I go I am wanting to collect some money to take to Egypt with me for Shams El Birr Centre for Children with Disabilities in Cairo. I have been visiting there since 2005 with each group I take to Egypt and participants  are all amazed at just how happy and content the Children are even though many have quite severe neurological disabilities.  The Centre survives on virtually charity alone and times have not been easy in Egypt so I have been collecting money for a while now with the aim of assisting them as much as possible this visit.

Dr Morcos -pictured above with some of the children - is the Medical Director of Shams El Birr and is extremely devoted to and proud of all the children who are being educated as much as possible to become independent.  I hand the money to Dr Morcos directly so you can be sure none is lost in expenses and I do know it is always used carefully.

So I am running a competition so you have the chance to win a FREE 60 min Reading or Healing Consultation with me, Elisabeth Jensen, by Phone or In Person if you live in Adelaide - this is valued at $350 but as I have closed my private practice now its not possible otherwise either! To enter please just make a Donation of $20 or more using the PayPal Box on my website- you need to scroll down a little to reach it - HERE  You can donate anytime up until November 1 - I will notify the winner soon after that and before I go to Egypt.  The Consultation will be held in December to suit the winner. Donations of course of any amount or in cash are welcome but for he competition you need to do it this way please. Prayers and healing for the Children are also very welcome and important too please. Thank you so much  for your support. 

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