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Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.

🌌Finding & Living your Soul & Life Purposes on Earth 🌌

Welcome From Elisabeth
People often ask me "What is my Life Purpose?"  Well the answer is we have MANY Life Purposes each time we incarnate on earth but our Soul Purpose often remains similar each Lifetime. So my Soul Purpose is to be A HEALER and many of my Life Purposes I have been focused on that first as a Registered Nurse then a Midwife, then eventually as a Spiritual Healer and now as a Healing Teacher.  None of my experiences in this life have been wasted as i have learn from them all just i could have had a much less traumatic life if i was born in the present time when so much information on Medical Intuitives, Mediumship, psychic abilities and energy healing is easily available now,. So my Life Purpose was to be a Wounded Healer first  but to overcome this and become be an Inspirational Healing Teacher instead.- but always my Soul Purpose is to be a Healer.

So sometimes I got very much off track in my younger days but I always felt that deep longing inside me to find the purpose of my life then to assist others and make the world a better place. So being a Healer by Soul Purpose doesn't limit me to being a Spiritual Healer of course its just the occupation most suited to me.  Sometimes people on a spiritual path are a bit disappointed to be told their Soul Purpose is to be a Healer as they want to hear its something a bit more dramatic and specific such as " the most Powerful Psychic Healer in Australia who opens their own successful healing centre in Adelaide" - but that's more in the realm of Life Purpose and can change from year to year to something a little different. dependimg on your Soul Contracts with people around you.

A psychic who reads the Akashic Records plus can channel information  from the Gods Tehuti and Ptah can assist you here with information. You can also receive some information in meditation yourself, but don't expect everything to be given to you in one big Revelation.  The other is to have a Past Life Regression with Soul Connection so the hypnotherapist can ask your Soul  what some of your Life Purposes plus Soul Purpose are -  you receive information while in a deep hypnotic trance state. and its recorded for you. Finally  you can go on a hypnosis Journey to the Light to see your Life between Lives plus what you planned with your Wise Council in the Light to do in this Lifetime.

For those eager to discover their real reasons for incarnating in this life the combination of all these processes are very beneficial and enlightening. Sadly i no longer personally have time to offer these sessions any more  but I do teach them all to suitably qualified practitioners  I have seen amazing things happen after a Past Life Regression like a long term cancer spontaneously heal and especially greater peace and acceptance of ones life or simply great excitement when a person discovers the reason they have always been totally different to other people in their family and workplace is they come from another much more advanced planet than earth…

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