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⭐Sirian Star Message & Blessings for Lion's Stargate Portal⭐


Welcome to the amazing energies of the Lion's Stargate Portal of 8/8/18. Although it is still 7/8/18 as I write this the influx of high frequency energies from Sirius and the Sun has began lifting the somewhat heavy current energies of Mercury Retrograde.

In Ancient Egypt this was seen as an alignment first in July of the Sun with the Star Sirius and then the Sun would be swallowed by the Star Sirius aka the Spiritual Sun. Then during the first week of August Sirius and the Sun would again arise as separate Stars. The 8th August is seen as the most auspicious and significant date because its when the Sun and Earth align directly opposite each other and the Lion's Stargate opens fully and many Ceremonies were held in Ancient Egypt in the Great Pyramid and Temples. So the newborn Sun has been recently bathed in the powerful Sirian Energy and these high frequencies make it a wonderful time to upgrade yourself and activate further your Third Eye and Heart Chakra. In 2018 being the Triple 8 this time is especially helpful to Empaths to become more sensitive to the POSITIVE energies in the Universe rather than the heavier ones!

These changes will take place between 8-14 August but please do spend time outside on 8/8/18 to active your Free download of energies to upgrade your energy body  through the high frequencies of the Sun and Star Sirius at this time.  Sirian Star my Sirian Guide (his card is from my Auset Egtpian Cards) wanted his picture here today - Sirius is such an advanced civilisation and the guides wait till you are truly ready to work with them before they appear but its worth asking at this time for one to come to you in meditation tomorrow.  I also do connect students with Sirian Guides in my Secret Codes of Sekhmet and Auset course...

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