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New Year Predictions & Messages from Nostradamus, Auset & Amun Ra

Greetings Dear Friends

Its almost the New Year and time to review the past & think about the future! Here are some Channeled Messages for you from the famous Prophet Nostradamus, plus Goddess Auset and the Egyptian Divinities Amun Ra & Tehuti. I am pleased to say most messages offer words of encouragement and hope and as many people have had a difficult year in 2017 I am so glad of this too.  We will be in an 11 year in Numerology in 2018  -a connection to the Archangels is signified here plus it breaks down to a 2  year so means a time of increased sensitivity is upon us and an increase in Spiritual Awareness is coming to many. Focus is on personal relationships too so spend time & effort there to ensure peace prevails in your home life too.

Its always best to know that if you work WITH the energies and seek personal growth this year your life will be much easier and smoother! By the way the words in brackets are my own to clarify the messages I receive as I just type them the same as I receive them. Most of  the Divinities mentioned are of course in the Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards.

Before I start I just want to say Farewell to a much loved Singapore Student Shiva Kumar who passed over suddenly late on Christmas Day. Shiva was a much loved and very kind Spiritual person and sad as we are to see him depart from us we know his Masters and Angels chose this for him as a release and he is at Peace now in the higher realms. Please see his Facebook Page for further information.

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