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Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.

Initiation & Alchemy in Great Pyramid on 11/11/11 Egypt Sacred Journey

I am very excited to announce all details for my 10th Sacred Egypt Journey next November 2018 have been finalized. Yes, Egypt is safe to visit now! Already 7 eager participants have booked their places and we now only have 9 places left - yes, I know its still a year away but you need to apply plus pay your deposit soon if you wish to join us in Egypt next year.

Next year I have booked a very beautiful private Cruise boat for 8 nights on the Nile River so we can sail where we want when we want plus do sacred ceremonies and meditate on the boat as well as in the Temples so we do have limited space but this will be much better than being on a big noisy cruise ship with many tourists. For photos of the luxury "Dahabeya" Afandina boat please visit http://elisabethjensen.com.au/egypt-sacred-journey/

We also have Mohamed Nazmy of Quest Travel as our organiser this year- Nazmy is famous worldwide for his amazing organisation for Spiritual Groups & you can buy the book Nazmy, Love is my Religion on Amazon to read all about him & Egypt Travel if you wish.  We will also be visiting our Childrens Charity Shams El Birr in Cairo & collecting donations for them before we go please...

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