Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing

Acclaimed International School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses

Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.


                                                        " Little Bottles Of God "

ELISABETH JENSEN first attended a course in Aromatherapy & Massage in 1988 & quickly decided Massage was not her pathway but Aromatherapy definitely was!

After much personal research and study she started her own business in creating products for Migraines, Headaches and Hay fever that were remarkably effective and popular. Importing her own essential oils in bulk she created and produced her own natural perfumes and face creams and sold them successfully for several years. 

Returning to work as a Registered Nurse Elisabeth stopped creating her own products but continued to use and study essential oils. Elisabeth has trained in then  lectured to Nurses about safety concerns plus the benefits of using Essential Oils in Hospitals and Nursing Homes plus used them successfully in her nursing practice for patients with a particular focus on use in Rehabilitation and Palliative Care. 

In 2008 Elisabeth was drawn to the Young Living Brand of Essential Oils but like many people she at first thought they were rather expensive until she later realised the enormous difference in the quality of Essential Oils & how they greatly assisted her clients plus herself during healing treatments to relax and meditate deeply.

In early 2012 Elisabeth decided to attend a one day course in Raindrop Technique and started to see the greater benefit and purpose of Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils! After joining Young Living at www.youngliving.com.au Elisabeth started to use and research in detail these amazing oils called “Little Bottles of God” by Dr Wayne Dyer. She has attended many product & essential oil trainings & information events with Young Living


Certification in Natures Remedies through Young Living in 2014.

Also in 2014 Elisabeth was Certified in  Egyptian Emotional Clearing Technique Levels 1 & 2 with Artemis from Raindrop Australia Association then also completed  their 3 day Professional Master Class  Raindrop Technique Course. Elisabeth also completed Cancer Care with Essential Oils training with author & Aromatherapist Linda Smith RN from USA in 2014 plus has also completed Essential Oils: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times & Essential Oils for Physical Healing and Well Being with Linda through Heartfelt Aromatherapy & The Institute of Spiritual Healing & Aromatherapy in 2016.

Elisabeth first earned a Certificate in Aromatherapy & Massage in 1988.

Most essential oils on the market today are cut with chemicals plus diluted with carrier oils even if they are labelled Pure Essential Oil. So their effectiveness is reduced or they even become quite toxic and harmful. The process YL use to ensure purity plus to ensure maximum effectiveness is quite different so results in the oils having a strong natural “Life Force Energy” and Innate Intelligence of their own. So it’s a little like using a Flower Essence for the vibrational effect PUS the most pure organic oil you can find combined. 

Using the YL oils in her healing & teaching practice has greatly increased Elisabeth’s success rate treating clients with emotional concerns plus they have helped her to a great deal personally in health maintenance & of course to greatly enhance her Spiritual & Psychic abilities. Of course her students LOVE to be anointed with these amazing essential oils.

A huge problem today and causes many health issues that are often misdiagnosed. Most bathroom cleaning products contain bleach and give the user a headache and the mould is back very quickly so do try using Thieves Household Cleaner in your bathroom – the mould will not be back a year later ! Highly recommended by Elisabeth and there is heaps of research to back up the claims of its effectiveness.


Her Young Living website is www.youngliving.org/elisabethjensen
If you wish to Register under Elisabeth you can do so through this website & you will be automatically enrolled under her - your Membership works for ANY country where Young Living have offices e.g. Singapore, Hong Kong & Malaysia also.


NB! The prices on the home page are retail prices.
If you sign up as an Independent Distributer you qualify for a 24% discount on products. 
It’s then your choice to just buy products for just yourself at 24% Discount or to be involved in Young Living as a business venture by enrolling your friends & clients under your membership name and number.

You can also just buy online at Retail prices –in Australia Phone Young Living on 1300289536  www.youngliving.com.au  & give her Membership Number of 1295371 to order. Do please note Elisabeth Jensen  doesn’t sell or provide you with the products – you can buy direct from Young Living in your own Country which is much quicker & cheaper for you really.

Elisabeth highly recommends a monthly “Essential Rewards Order” to maximise your reward points and receive the most financial, plus subsequent health value from your Membership.

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