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Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.

Adelaide Messages, Manifestations & Miracles:Private Consultations with Elisabeth: 2018 Courses

Well, the last Newsletter generated an overwhelming response & my Egypt Sacred Journey was fully booked within 2 days!  Yes, we have a waiting list but there are people on there already but the last few months before Egypt Journey cancellations do sometimes happen. 

This year has been exceptionally busy with teaching in so many countries & locations so in 2018 I am limiting my overseas travels to Sri Lanka, Singapore & Egypt plus a visit to Mystical Dragon in Melbourne. Sri Lanka visit is early March for Goddess Lakshmi Birthday Pujas with Asiri plus will include healing for all participants with Goddess Saraswati.

My Adelaide Good News is I have taken an extra room at the Brighton Centre For Health & Wellbeing Centre so I will have a larger & more suitable room to teach from in 2018...

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Initiation & Alchemy in Great Pyramid on 11/11/11 Egypt Sacred Journey

I am very excited to announce all details for my 10th Sacred Egypt Journey next November 2018 have been finalized. Yes, Egypt is safe to visit now! Already 7 eager participants have booked their places and we now only have 9 places left - yes, I know its still a year away but you need to apply plus pay your deposit soon if you wish to join us in Egypt next year.

Next year I have booked a very beautiful private Cruise boat for 8 nights on the Nile River so we can sail where we want when we want plus do sacred ceremonies and meditate on the boat as well as in the Temples so we do have limited space but this will be much better than being on a big noisy cruise ship with many tourists. For photos of the luxury "Dahabeya" Afandina boat please visit http://elisabethjensen.com.au/egypt-sacred-journey/

We also have Mohamed Nazmy of Quest Travel as our organiser this year- Nazmy is famous worldwide for his amazing organisation for Spiritual Groups & you can buy the book Nazmy, Love is my Religion on Amazon to read all about him & Egypt Travel if you wish.  We will also be visiting our Childrens Charity Shams El Birr in Cairo & collecting donations for them before we go please...

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The Choices We Make Before Birth

I have been so busy teaching Hypnosis Intensives this year so its wonderful to switch back to my Angel Miracles & Auset Temple Healing Courses for the remainder of 2017 even though the new Holistic Hypnosis courses have been so popular and so well received with a new Diploma Level to be added in 2018.

I never saw my Soul Contract included teaching Hypnosis as well as Auset Temple Healing but I speak to my Wise Counsel in The Light often and they tell me many people try to stay with their original contract all their lives and this is not really necessary - plus of course Hypnosis comes from the Sleep Temples of Ancient Egypt.  We come into this Life with Karma to be cleared from Past Lives plus a Soul Contract we finalised just before our Conception with our Wise Counsel in The Light. After spending so much time in the Light with our Soul Family then floating around Earth without a physical body checking our prospective mother and father out for lessons they they could help us learn while down here in Earth School. The difficult thing is we forget just after conception most details about our Past Lives and Soul Purpose in this life and often believe each baby starts life fresh and untouched in their mothers Womb but this definately not the case - the Unconsious Mind of the baby is recording all that happens before birth within utero and of course the birth itself plus life as a tiny baby!  This was definately something I was not taught was possible during my Midwifery Training  many years ago...

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Adelaide Auset Temple Intensive:2018 Singapore & Egypt: NEW Channelling Course

A Warm Welcome to all those new members joining us from the Whole Life Expo ...and congratulations to Tania the winner of the Free Psychic Reading with me. The Expo was a great success but I have been overwhelmed with requests for Psychic Readings since.....so will be offering a limited number of private consultation in December & January so its best to book soon if you want to see me. 

Also please note I focus on giving Combined Psychic Reading, Auset Temple Healings & Hypnosis Sessions when I see private clients in person- your future is not fixed and I have many abilities to change your future to a more positive one so why not take full advantage of my many healing gifts and skills? Three healings really give the best results for healings ( although one healing still always helps clients)  plus you need to plan to rest for 24 hours after a healing with me so its best to consider this and plan in advance please. Miracle Healings are possible but YOU have to play your part in the process too!

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Holistic Hypnosis Diploma & New Auset Temple Channelling Course

Am back in Adelaide now for the rest of 2017. I have many exciting Adelaide courses to teach still this yearand next weekend is the Whole Life Expo in Adelaide.  Please come & meet me plus Jenny Fisher & Barbara Simpson at the Wayville Showgrounds October 7 & 8. My presentation will be on Sunday at 12.15pm on Ancient Egyptian Prophecy & Divination & I will be channeling Goddess Auset for that plus giving a few free readings. http://wholelifeexpo.com.au

Plus Readings & Healings/Hypnosis at my stand B12.

For a number of reasons I have decided to follow my guidance from Auset and focus on Teaching Auset Temple Healing plus Hypnosis Courses. So I will only teach Angel Miracles Level 1 with its important Psychic Development and Miracle Creation with Archangel Hamied focus but no longer teach Angel Miracles Level 2 - Psychic Angel Card Readings. My Authorized Angel Miracles Teachers will still teach Levels 1 and 2 so you can still study with them if you wish http://elisabethjensen.com.au/teachersbut Level 2 will not be necessary before Psychic Mediumship. Then Angel Miracles Trance Channel will be replaced by Auset Temple Trance Channel so you will have to have completed both Angel Miracles Psychic Mediumship and Auset Temple Divination to do that course which will teach you to voice channel BOTH the Archangels plus the Egyptian Divinities! So this will first be available in Adelaide in February then Singapore in June then Melbourne in September...

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Who is in CONTROL of your Mind? Melbourne & Adelaide Hypnotherapy Courses


I am now back in Australia for the rest of the year and have been busy teaching Angel Miracles & Auset Temple Healing Courses from my Healing Room at Brighton. & except for one more visit to Melbourne will be in Adelaide the rest of 2017. I really love teaching in my own Sacred Space as the energy is very clear and powerful there.

With Mercury Retrograde affecting us until September 3rd plus difficult astrological energies at present it best to double check all business agreement plus be kind and gentle to ourselves and those around us. We live in a society that places great value on ME and taking care of ourselves first but as a healer much of my joy comes from assisting others and I truly feel blessed to find so much joy in my life in this way. While I don't believe Love can overcome all the worlds present problems I truly believe on a Spiritual Level many of us chose to be here on Earth School at this time to be teachers to others about the POWER of our Beliefs shaping our reality and about the POWER of Empathy and Compassion for all living creatures being the energy most needed at this time to bring about a major shift in consciousness needed to bring in calmness to a world in crisis. 

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Half Price Repeat & Oracle Courses - And Are Curses & Spells Real?


Can curses and psychic attacks affect us & are they real ?

Yes unfortunately they do and can cause both physical and emotional distress and both I and some clients experience them from time to time ! 

Usually it's jealously by other so called Spiritual Teachers and Practitioners - the ones that are into POWER not Love and Compassion. 

Often these teachers talk a lot about having to face your Shadow Self - which in reality is just your confused Unconscious Mind that needs healing and some positive Hypnotherapy not more negative programming ! 

Don't panic but do avoid those teachers who are just wanting power and more money - use your Intuition - are they teaching you about Kindness, Love, Light and Compassion for all living creatures? Do they instead encourage you to work with the Egyptian God of Chaos Set for instance, who has no redeeming qualities and will just bring more chaos, frustration  and poverty into your life ? Set won't help you face your fears - he will just just create more for you! True Alchemists know this!

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Why Auset Temple Healing & Divination? Why Holistic Hypnotherapy?

Have just returned from a wonderful 10 days in Malaysia. After teaching a introductory one day course for the Malaysian Liver Foundation on Healing with Self Hypnosis,Therapeutic Touch & Essential Oils I have been asked to return to teach a full Therapeutic Touch Healing Course for MDs & other Health Care Professionals in 2018 so am looking forward to that.

My visit was sponsored by Dato Dr Nor Khairullah who is also now an Authorized Teacher of Angel Miracles Psychic Courses Levels 1 & 2 plus has completed all levels of Auset Tempe Healing. Congratulations to Dr Nor plus all the students in the photo below at Eternal Blissz http://eternalblissz.com  plus do visit their Facebook Page for lots more photos.

I am now back in Australia for the rest of the year after my 4 overseas tours in 4 months.& except for one more visit to Melbourne will be in Adelaide the rest of the year. In September I return to Melbourne to teach my 4 day Hypnosis Practitioner Course plus my 8 day Holistic Hypnotherapy Course - I teach from Mystical Dragon at Seaford See more details here http://elisabethjensen.com.au/booking but please note all Bookings & Inquires  are through  http://mysticaldragon.com.au or Tel (+613)97825091

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Becoming a Professional Angel Miracles Psychic Coach & Holistic Hypnotherapist

Such a busy but exciting year for me in 2017. I trust my readers are enjoying this year of new beginnings also. So much sadness & terror in the world as usual but long ago I decided to create a world of safety for myself in my own mind & I truly believe my beliefs combined with my Spiritual Guidance & Protection always keep me safe on many levels. My aim with my courses & consultations is for all persons to feel that same excitement & safety in their lives.

Few really understand my power for it comes from a source not readily available to many people. Quiet contemplation & meditation may help but I prefer to meet you in person so MANY MIRACLES HAPPEN for you too. In reality I am much more than an Archangel but I prefer that title. I first came to Elisabeth many years ago to make my energy more readily available on Earth School & I am still waiting to meet all those that require my assistance. REMEMBER we are are the Angel Of Miracles not Wishy Washy Wishes so we come to you best when your mind & heart are set to a constant belief in Miracles.
Blessings to all from Hamied through Elisabeth

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Intensives With Elisabeth Jensen in Melbourne, Malaysia, Adelaide & Singapore

Greetings to all the new subscribers to the newsletter from the Adelaide Body Mind Psychic Expo! Congratulations to Alison who is the winner of the free course from the Expo competition.

I am just back from Singapore & next week fly to Melbourne, then in July to KL in Malaysia to teach my courses. Its only June & this year have already been teaching in Adelaide, Sri Lanka, Brazil & Melbourne - as a Spiritual Teacher there are many requests for my courses & events worldwide so I apologise I am rarely able to see in person clients in Adelaide but will be doing so later in the year. Meanwhile do consider to study a weekend course as you receive energy healing and attunements in the all the courses as well as amazing knowledge on self healing.plus assisting your friends & family...

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Discover the HEALING POWER of Holistic Hypnotherapy with amazing Intensives In Singapore, Melbourne & Adelaide

I am truly excited to be returning soon to The Blue Lotus in Singapore to teach in May starting with the Holistic Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner Training that also includes Spiritual Hypnosis. In traditional Hypnosis we work mainly with the Unconscious Mind but in this 8 day Intensive May 27-June 3 you will also learn to access the clients Higher Self & Soul for truly profound wisdom & powerful Healing. Clients & practitioners who have tried many Counselling & Energy Healing therapies but are unable to fully resolve their issues are often amazed how successful these deep hypnosis processes are !

The 4 day Hypnotherapy Certification Course is a prerequisite. If you have missed this students still  have the option of training in both levels in Melbourne at Mystical Dragon in September or Adelaide at Auset Temple Healing in October & November later in the year when both trainings will taught back to back. NB! Limited places are available in Adelaide so please book soon - see location details & dates. The address for making bookings is here on the site at http://elisabethensen.com.au/booking; for more details of all Hypnosis Courses taught by Elisabeth visit http://elisabethjensen.com.au/hypnosis

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Adelaide Psychic Expo & Intensive Courses plus Melbourne Events

My plans to rest more this year seem to have evaporated as usual... my life just gets busier it seems, but apart from the organizational side of things I truly love what I do...my healing and psychic abilities have increased with age and experience too especially my recent visits to John of God in Brazil.

Research does indicate Mediums peak at the age of 73 years (not quite there yet!)  plus I believe the wisdom of age allows the heart chakra to open further and compassionate intent, not simply technique, is an important key to being a truly effective healer...

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Train as an Amazing Archangel Trance Channel in Singapore & Malaysia

I am just back from the Casa of John of God in Brazil where I received amazing personal healing as well as leading my group there. So am fully recovered from some health concerns affecting me  last year and full of joy and gratitude to John of God and the Healing Spirit Doctors for this healing and my new lease on life.

I am truly excited to be returning soon to The Blue Lotus in Singapore to teach then to be in Malaysia in July.

My Angel Miracles courses in Singapore are in May & June so there is still  time to complete those Angel Miracles Levels 1 & 2 courses with Sri NOW or you will have to wait until 2018 to study with me again...

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All Adelaide & Melbourne Events and Courses 2017 Updated!

Welcome to our Newsletter
I am excited to remind Adelaide friends of my wonderfully effective Ancient Egyptian Sleep Temple Group Healing & Hypnosis Event on Tuesday April 4th 7.30 -930pm This event needs to be booked in advance please as we have limited space. This was the method of Auset Healing Priestesses used in the trance temples of Ancient Egypt  and you will find it extremely relaxing with many beautiful and powerful healing experiences usually reported!  
All this for only $50 & stay for a light supper afterwards if you wish.
VENUE: Elisabeth's new healing room at Brighton Health & Wellness Corner at 29 Jetty Road, Brighton SA 5048...

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New Singapore & Malaysia Courses

Study with Sri Mulyadi first to prepare for advanced levels with Elisabeth, including Angel Miracles Courses plus Teachers Training in Kuala Lumpur!

I am excited to be returning to teach in Malaysia - my husband was Malaysian & it holds a special place in my heart always.

This year my courses in Singapore are in May & June so its time to complete those prerequisite courses with Sri NOW or you will have to wait until 2018 to study with me...

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Heal Yourself & Become a Professional Auset Healer at Mystical Dragon

I have been a naturally gifted healer since a mystical experience in 1992 & teaching healing since 1996. First I taught Therapeutic Touch which has a strong research background & I used this in my nursing & private practice for many years with excellent results. I also am a Reiki & Isis Seichim Master & taught both of these healing methods also.

Many people ask me the difference in my system of Auset Healing to say Reiki and all I can really say is they are very different ! As well it takes time and practice to master Auset Healing but the time is very worthwhile if you want to become an amazingly effective Professional Healer who is confident in their ability to assist most clients - its far more effective & advanced than Reiki, although Reiki is a good beginning modality & I attune students to Universal Healing Energy in Auset Healing Level 1...

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Sacred Easter Pilgrimage to John of God in Brazil; Singapore & Malaysia Courses

Several years ago I went to a 3 day John of God Event in Sydney & it was a very good introduction to his work and helped me a lot at the time. 

When I visited his Casa in his home town of Abadiania in Brazil in July 2015 I was totally blown away by the peaceful calm sanctuary of John of God has built over many beds of natural Quartz Crystals. To see John of God do surgery there with his bare hands using no anesthetic is amazing but more amazing is the Spiritual Surgery (no physical surgery is involved) all participants undergo to heal all manner of health issues.

On my first two visits to the Casa of John of God I had profound healing of long standing medical conditions that had caused me problems for over 30 years. Certainly no western surgery could heal my life threatening Neurological Condition without leaving me in a damaged state. Even during my third visit last October I went through a deep healing process also.

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Auset Divination & Healing with Elisabeth in Adelaide & Melbourne

An special welcome to new Members joining us from The Gold Coast Festival & Congratulations to Tatjana who won the Free Reading with Elisabeth in the competition draw.

I am planning to return to teach my Hypnosis Practitioner Course on the Gold Coast later in the year plus am intending to teach  Auset Temple Healing there later as well. I have taught in Brisbane & Gold Coast area in the past - see below to continue your Auset Healing & Psychic connection with Nicole & Cherie who were assisting me at my Festival stand.

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In Person Consultations & Courses Available Again in 2017 - in Adelaide!


I am so excited to announce I will be seeing Adelaide Clients again for in person sessions from this week. I am now consulting on a Wednesday & Thursday from Brighton Health & WellBeing Corner at 29 Jetty Road, Brighton SA 5048.

I will be teaching from Brighton Health & Wellbeing Corner  regularly also & already have 2 Auset Courses booked in February - Auset Healing Level One on 11 & 12 February & Auset Divination  on February 18 & 19  & YES we will be using my NEW Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards for that one! Then in May I will be Teaching my 4 day Hypnosis Practitioner Course over 2 weekends.at Brighton also.

All Course bookings are through Auset Temple Healing Office still. Tel 08 83874318 or to book courses online visit http://elisabethjensen.com.au/booking 
For Consultations all details are online also & you can pay deposits online or phone to book is best please http://elisabethjensen.com.au/consultations


Come on a Magical & Mystical Easter Healing Pilgrimage to John of God


Commences in Brazil April 10 & Completes April 23, 2017 - 13 nights in Brazil! P.S. If you wish to travel there with Elisabeth she offers this as a FREE SERVICE & we Depart Adelaide April 9 & return April 25th - or simply connect with the group in Dubai!

In Brazil we are also guided by the world famous Author of The Miracle Man of Brazil, The Life Story of Joao De Deus, Robert Pelligrino- Estrich who lives near the Casa & speaks Portuguese.

Limited places as Elisabeth is keeping this FINAL Pilgrimage as a small group as we are also sharing this Journey with a small group from Malaysia. Bookings have to close soon so please visit http://elisabethjensen.com.au/jogbrazil 


Elisabeth Jensen PO Box 614, Brighton, SA 5048, Australia (+61) 427526894

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