Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing

Acclaimed International School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses

Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.


Your chance for a remarkable Psychic Reading plus  Auset Temple Healing, Angel Miracles Psychic Coaching & Hypnotherapy  with a world famous healer & hypnotherapy teacher, highly accurate triple award winning psychic & author of Auset Egyptian Oracle, Ancient Egyptian Divination & Alchemy Cards...

SO WELCOME...you are in the right place if you are seeking a very insightful, accurate & caring reading with Elisabeth who is also a Medium, Mystic & Prophet plus gives remarkable  Medical Intuition Readings &  incredibly effective Auset Temple Healing to assist you with any emotional & physical health concerns. 

Elisabeth's clients often describe her healings as "Miraculous!" plus she is the founder of Angel Miracles Psychic Courses & Auset Temple Healing & has taught worldwide. Trained first as a Registered Nurse & Midwife with additional qualifications as a Community Health Nurse & Addictions Counsellor Elisabeth also now has a Diploma of Hypnosis & NLP  & is a Registered Hypnotherapist plus is a Certified Trainer of both NLP & Hypnosis & also a Master NLP Coach who utilises her many skills and abilities to ensure a wonderfully beneficial outcome for her clients.
Please do see all details below & note that IN AUSTRALIA BOOKINGS FOR BOTH IN PERSON OR PHONE CONSULTATIONS CAN BE MADE BY PHONING (+618) 83874318 if you want to pay by Credit Card or you can email our office if you are from overseas or have made advance payment by Paypal but please see below

 Please note current  waiting time for Consultations


End of July 2017


End of July 217

NB! We are not taking any more bookings at present but you may email our office if you wish to go on the waiting list but please do read the information below first. 
NB! ELISABETH DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY DETAILS FROM CLIENTS BEFORE YOUR CONSULTATION & is not available to discuss your personal situation by phone or email before your consultation - with over 50 years experience in health care and extensive training plus her natural gifts Elisabeth is confident in her abilities to assist most sincere clients.  Please do also read the detailed information below before booking.

In Adelaide Elisabeth Jensen consults from her own room at 


29 Jetty Road, Brighton, South Australia 5048

*PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR FULL DETAILS OF IN PERSON CONSULTATIONS &  DO NOTE ONLY 90 MINS OR LONGER SESSIONS CAN BE BOOKED IN PERSON* For 30 - 60 minute sessions please book a phone session with Elisabeth instead,


FEES: $250 for 30 minutes Psychic Reading

$350 for 60 minute Reading /Psychic Coaching/Healing/Hypnosis Consultation


$390 for 90 minutes. Please just pay a non refundable deposit of $150 to secure your booking for a Combined Psychic Reading & Healing Session

$440 for 2 hours. Please just pay a non refundable deposit of $220 to secure your booking for a Combined Reading, Healing, Hypnosis & Crystal Light Bed Session

NB! If you are a new client please do read all the additional information below before calling our office to book or making payment by PayPal



For Distance Healing for you or your your loved ones please see DISTANCE HEALING PAYPAL BUTTONS BELOW  to make payment & then EMAIL details of person or animal - name & current location & date of birth plus optional photo. Please also send in this email your  focus for the healing.  No set consultation time is needed for Distance Healing & the fee does NOT include a psychic reading or detailed information about the healing, although confirmation that the healing has been sent is emailed to you direct from Elisabeth within one week of your payment being received although the healing itself is usually sent or started within a few days.  The Intensive Distance Healing option works best for chronic conditions & major surgery clients & includes brief details of the actual healings sent by Elisabeth while the standard & lower cost Distance Healing is sufficient for extra energy for an acute illness or difficult life situation but NO DETAILS of the healing is sent to you - just a brief confirmation email the healing has been sent.  Results are quite dramatic & amazingly quick at times & at other times clients may take about 8 days to receive full benefit of the healings plus require follow on sessions.

All sessions include Auset Karmic Release plus Spirit Releasement Therapy if required before the healing.

NB! For a Medical Intuitive and Psychic Reading about your situation clients need to book an additional phone consultation as well please and this does give the best results. If requesting healing for loved ones please request their permission first if possible please although its not an essential requirement.

 DISTANCE HEALING ( One Healing Treatment Sent) $180

INTENSIVE DISTANCE HEALING ( Healing Sent On Three Days) : $350


To better understand her work you might like to read about Elisabeth' courses that she teaches worldwide as she practises what she teaches. Plus also read her articles first and to see her media appearances where she writes & discusses many different aspects her spiritual work.  Please visit the Articles or Media pages respectively.


 As a psychic Medium & the former Property Psychic for News Corp Elisabeth receives many requests for HOUSE CLEARINGS but please do note she does these much better &  efficiently at a distance simply by distance psychic healing  &  is not available to visit your house or business. Reading all the information below about Elisabeth's in person sessions as well will give you more understanding about her remarkable readings & healings. Clearings include Reptilian & dark energies as well as Lost Souls. Fees depend on the complexity of your situation.


Elisabeth offers comprehensive options for clinical, medical  and spiritual hypnosis, including work with quitting smoking, stress management, past life regression and future life progression. Also  Soul Connection, information and healing during regression  plus Lives Between Lives Journeys. In addition to this Elisabeth offers Ancient Egyptian Sleep Temple Hypnosis Healing & Mesmerism.

Read More @ www.elisabethjensen.com.au/hypnosis



Elisabeth is highly trained in Aromatherapy & in the last few years has completed Intensive Study in using Young Living Organic & Vibrational Essential Oils.

Elisabeth offers her own remarkably effective Auset Egyptian Sleep Temple Hypnosis Intensive sessions to assist clients. These sessions combine the best benefits of Essential Oils, Spiritual Hypnosis & Auset Healing & Alchemy together for you with amazing results -- Read More www.elisabethjensen.com.au/yl-essential-oils/ 

INVESTMENT: 90 Minutes $390

Deposit $150


These beautiful sessions incorporate the use of a Crystal Light Bed Elisabeth brought back, with permission direct from Joao de Deus, from the Casa of John of God. The Healing Benevolent Spirit Doctors are also present during these sessions. Elisabeth gives you a Spiritual Healing first then sits in the room to hold "Sacred Space" while the 7 Vogel Crystals work to align & clear your chakras & energy field & the Spirit Doctors work to give you a beautiful and remarkably effective Psychic Healing.

Allow 2 hours for a Medical Intuitiveor Psychic Reading, Auset Sleep Temple Healing with Essential Oils followed by  the Crystal Bed Healing

INVESTMENT : 120 minutes $440


Second Session booked within 1 month $390

 DEPOSIT:  $150


ELISABETH offers Phone Readings & Healings. She finds 60 minutes works best as it allows to her to also send Angel Miracles Healing plus Auset Karmic Release to clear & change many difficult situations with the assistance of the Archangels & Divinities plus Psychic Coaching & Hypnotherapy in the form of a guided meditation. 30 minute sessions are available still for Readings only.

NB! Please note prepayment in full by PayPal or CC is required to secure your booking within 24 hours of being offered an appointment.


It's important to arrange to be in a private & comfortable place to receive your reading & to allow some time before & afterwards to quiet your mind. Focus on what you want to receive from your session plus write a list of questions out – Elisabeth is a conscious trance channel so if you tell her firstly the areas you want to focus on & later ask her questions you will get a lot of detailed & accurate channelled answers – if you ask for “just a general reading” you will get one & it might not have all the answers you want to your specific areas of interest. NB! Please use head phones or ear phones for meditations, healings  & hypnosis sessions. Speaker Phones distort the sound so please avoid them but Mobiles are fine & you can record the session using an App with most Mobiles/Hand Phones.



Readings may include Mediumship plus messages from Angels and Archangels around you. Includes a beautiful channelled Message from Goddess Auset/Isis or the Archangels, may include Past Lives, Akashic Record Readings, Medical Intuition, Soul Purpose, Angel Therapy, Numerology and future predictions .Elisabeth specializes in Medical Intuition and Channelling but is also a very accurate and caring Medium who offers you a direct connection to your Loved Ones in Spirit. She has taught and demonstrated both Human and Cat Mediumship worldwide. PLEASE ADVISE AT THE BEGINNING OF YOUR SESSION IF YOU WANT A MEDIUMSHIP READING AS THIS MAY TAKE MOST OF YOUR BOOKED TIME - sorry, you can't just ask for it right at the end of your time.

Elisabeth uses mainly her own Auset Egyptian Oracle Cards plus a Crystal Ball to help her focus but most information is channelled through her in a trance state.

REMEMBER Elisabeth comes from a background as a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Community Health Nurse,  Counsellor. and Master NLP Practitioner & Coach. Her readings are famous for their accuracy but at the same time Elisabeth seeks to empower her clients and show them there are many paths we can go down in our lives. Her role is to show you your Soul Path plus the easiest one for you! Elisabeth can also advise you on processes she offers to change your future and create miracles in your life. 

PLEASE USE YOUR OWN RECORDING DEVICE IF YOU WANT YOUR SESSION RECORDED. Most iPhones & Smart Phones have a recording function or you can download Apps that do this. NB! Elisabeth will call your Mobile if you are in Australia only without any extra charge but  reserves the right to refuse to record certain information if she wishes.



>> PHONE BOOKINGS FEES: Effective December  2016   

30 mins $250 Psychic Reading by Phone  

         60 mins $350 Psychic Reading by phone plus Healing/Hypnosis/Psychic Coaching if wished

120 mins  $590 Psychic Reading, Healing/ Hypnosis/ Psychic Coaching by Phone


Payment in full within 24 hours of being offered a session time is required to secure your booking. Fees are Non Refundable & only transferrable once with 72 hours advance notice.

In Australia Elisabeth will cover the cost of calling you on your Landline OR Mobile.

From overseas please call her on our office LANDLINE +618 8387 4318
Appointment times are in ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA time & it is the CLIENTS RESPONSIBILITY to calculate the time difference.

Please do note:
PHOTOS are only needed in the case of Missing Persons or Pets or if enquiring about a child. Readings are not recorded by Elisabeth but you are welcome to do this yourself. Please avoid using SKYPE - phone or computer! Elisabeth CANNOT guarantee the connection will work - from overseas calling using a Phone card is recommended.


See Fees as top of Page. For longer sessions e g Past Life Regression you need a healing first & fees can be discussed then. Full day sessions are also available on request.

Highly effective for pain on every level...physical, emotional and spiritual. Elisabeth teaches her own healing system worldwide and is an extremely gifted psychic healer. Sessions include Auset Temple  Healing.

Elisabeth is a highly skilled healer who has treated many clients with chronic pain and fatigue, emotional disorders plus advanced and life threatening illnesses with wonderful results. The blue Auset Energy is highly effective for pain plus Spiritual Surgery heals internal disorders. May include Karmic Release, Soul Retrieval and Alchemical Soul Healing - these work to resolve difficult life and people situations too! Plus the beautiful new Siriun Star Connection – a wonderful tool for those on the ascension path.

Information regarding the technique of self healing is included and often Elisabeth suggests a meditation routine using her Creating Angel Miracles and Isis CDs/ MP3 to complement your treatments. 

>>Three or four healings give the best results for patients with chronic pain e.g migraines and back pain. One or two healings assists patients with stress and the “Relaxation Response” that occurs during energy healing is always helpful to allow the patient to relax and the body to self heal. Research has found that many people experience physical and emotional improvement following Auset Temple Healing with Elisabeth Jensen with some of them reporting profound or even miraculous experiences that change their lives. For example research participants* said : “ it was the most profound healing (Maya) and “ it was a miracle (Angela) plus “ I had received a miracle (Dana). 

Elisabeth offers a limited number of private consultations in Adelaide and when teaching Internationally. There is great demand for her private sessions and bookings some time in advance are required. Please give AT LEAST 7 days notice of cancellation to allow us to rebook your session but know that deposits are not refundable & are only transferrable with a minimum of 7 days notice for in person sessions.


This is a very advanced form of Hypnosis and there are three types of sessions. At least one previous healing session with Elisabeth is required first to book the sessions. Hypnosis Sessions last 3 – 3.5 Hours for Auset Sleep Temple Healings & & Past Life Regression with Overself Healing& for Journey Into The Light or Lives Between Lives allow 4-4.5 hours 

1/ AUSET SLEEP TEMPLE HEALING TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE LIKE THE ANCIENT EGYPTIANS DID BY SLEEPING IN AN AROMATHERAPY TEMPLE OF HEALING Includes the use Young Living high quality essential oils www.youngliving.org/elisabethjensen and combines the use of traditional and Auset Spiritual Hypnosis e.g. for Performance Enhancement or to Stop Smoking or stress management but with the client in a very deep somnambulistic trance state. Includes both energy healing, aromatherapy treatment, visualisations, hypnosis and much for a truly transformational life changing experience.

2/ PAST LIFE REGRESSION WITH SOUL HEALING Very amazing system of healing – you experience 1 or 2 lives in great detail then Elisabeth guides you to channel healing & wisdom from the highest part of your soul – The Akh or Overself or called the Subconscious by Dolores Cannon – the part of you that has all knowledge wisdom and can heal you instantly in some cases. May include Future & Parallel Lives or lives on other planets or to discover more re ET Encounters etc Please bring your own recording device as you won’t remember it all. 

3/ JOURNEY INTO THE LIGHT TO VISIT YOUR LIVES BETWEEN LIVES & FOR SOUL ENERGY HEALING Yes you need to be able to go into very deep hypnosis for this amazing journey so at least one healing plus a Past Life Regression is needed before this Soul Journey. You can meet your Wise Council there too – the ones you planned this life with & ask for some changes too if needed. A very amazing & life enhancing Auset Spiritual Hypnosis Journey. Elisabeth has trained in both conventional Modern Hypnosis plus is certified in Dolores Cannons Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy to the highest level. She has also trained with Denise Linn & several other teachers & has now developed her own system of Auset Spiritual Hypnosis. She is also trained in Aromatherapy & Massage & has completed training in the Raindrop Technique but again uses her own system as guided by Nefertum, Ancient Egyptian God of Aromatherapy.

Elisabeth is a former Professional Member of International Psychics Association & a Lifetime Member of Australian Psychics Association plus their former Vice President. She is was also a Member of Therapeutic Touch International Association ( USA) www.therapeutic-Touch.org for many years.

Elisabeth is  a Certified Master Time Line Therapy Practitioner and NLP Practitioner plus Master NLP Coach.  She is also a Certified NLP & Hypnosis Trainer with American Board of Hypnosis.  Elisabeth is a Clinical Member of AHA ( Australian Hypnosis Association) plus a Member of International Medical and Dental Hypnosis Association. She is also a Member of International Institute of Complementary Therapies. 


BOOKING TERMS & CONDITIONS: Effective January 2015

SESSIONS ARE NOT RECORDED by Elisabeth. Please bring your own recording device. NB! If using a Smart Phone or iPhone you MUST be able to use it in “Flight Mode” plus do ensure you are familiar with use of your recorder! Do note Elisabeth reserves the right to refuse to record your reading.

If you are enquiring about your pet or another person (living or in spirit) please bring a recent photo showing the eyes & with one person/pet only if possible please. A printed out photo – not on a phone –is best. Plus date of birth. Elisabeth may or may not use the photo but it assists connection. You will get a much better personal reading if you come alone for your reading & do not share it. 

For Children 16 years & under the fee includes having the parent/guardian in the room at no extra cost. There are no discounts for children’s Consultations. DISCOUNTS for all in person follow up healings may be possible in special cases – enquire after your visit. 

Purchase of Elisabeth’s 3 Creating Angel Miracles & Isis Lotus Healing CDS or MP3s is required for clients wishing to have ongoing healings. Clients are required to meditate with these if they wish to book ongoing consultations. CDS are $25 & MP3s are $13, please view more at the Store www.elisabethjensen.com.au/store