Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing

Acclaimed International School of Auset Egyptian Temple Healing & Alchemy, Holistic Hypnosis, Angel Miracles Psychic Courses & Lakshmi Blessings

Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.


Elisabeth Jensen offers Hahthor’s Mirror Psychic Mentoring especially for her own students

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For those who are not a student of Elisabeth please look under the Teachers & Practitioners list for Elisabeth’s most highly trained Healers and Holistic Hypnotherapists throughout both Australia and Asia.

Psychic Mentoring Consultations are especially for Elisabeth’s own students so you can see your TRUE SELF & TRUE FUTURE as was practiced in Ancient Egypt. This means taking an honest close up look at yourself and the situation as in a Mirror with the addition of Elisabeth psychically looking at your Soul Records and Purpose. The consultation is more of a Psychic Coaching Session rather than just a Psychic Reading and is intended to assist you to have clarity about your Souls Mission in this life. For students who wish to become professional healers and hypnotherapists the consultation will also assist you greatly to establish a successful & prosperous practice.

Elisabeth is trained as a Registered Nurse, Midwife, Community Health Nurse, Addictions Counsellor & Spiritual Emergence/Emergency Coach. She has a Diploma of Hypnosis & NLP & is a NLP Trainer and Master Coach. This means besides her own experience she is a highly trained Business Coach and Teacher. Elisabeth is also a Triple Award Winning Psychic & Author who has successfully consulted & taught Auset Temple Healing worldwide for many years.


Tuesday or Wednesday ONLY from 11am and last is at 6.30pm in person or by phone last is 9pm. In person at Auset Temple Heaing 29 Jetty Road Brighton SA 5048

By Phone +61427526894 Sorry Elisabeth does not do Skype etc as when she channels the computer often crashes!

Please email Elisabeth to check on times - you can use the form below or prepay then do so. Please indicate if the Mentoring is for Spiritual, Healing, Business or Personal reasons but no other information is required at this time. If you do need to send a lot of information to Elisabeth to consider before your session it will be included in your session time eg. she does like to have links to your Website & Business Facebook Pages before your session to assess them, but this still does take time to do.


Current students are those who have studied a 2 day course or more with Elisabeth herself in the last 12 months and Past students during the last 3 years only. Please include the date and location of last course you did with Elisabeth. In person sessions are available in Adelaide only. Sessions may be for personal, health, study or business reasons and include healing, psychic information, hypnosis and coaching and need to be prepaid please. Elisabeth regrets she is not available to discuss your situation at all before your actual consultation. In Australia for phone consultations Elisabeth will call you herself for the session but for International students you will need to call her office phone please +61427526894 Sorry no Skype - you may wish to use a phone card. Do know Elisabeth is the only person who receives and reads your request forms.


NB! No dates are available yet but if you make payment now you will be first on the list for a session as soon as Elisabeth is available again in either in April.

Goddess Auset is known for her Miracles Creation and Wisdom.

Goddess Auset is known for her Miracles Creation and Wisdom.

Ancient Egyptian Hathor’s Mirror 
To see your True Self & True Future during 
Psychic Mentoring 



This effective Healing is only available to current students of Elisabeth or those students she has trained in the last 3 years - so sorry about that. Usually sent at night, but we don’t give you a time or date and there is nothing you need to do - except more self healing and meditation of course! Will be sent within 1-7 days from the time of your request - if its urgent Elisabeth will naturally try to send it or at least a short blessing as soon as possible. Do please note this DOES NOT include a reading about your situation although Elisabeth will send an email confirming the healing has been sent after she has completed it though this sometimes may take a few days. Elisabeth offers this low cost healing option to make it more accessible to students plus because she simply does not have the time to provide lengthy psychic insights and recommendations into your particular situation - she can do this best later during a Mentoring session.

This is a reasonably short healing but usually highly effective and even Miraculous at times. Besides Goddess Auset many Deities, Spirit Doctors and Archangels are also invoked to assist and Bless you plus stay with you till you are over your current challenges. If you are having a major health challenge its a good idea to book 1 or 2 follow up Healing Blessings as well.

Please make payment then fill in the form below which is only sent to and seen by Elisabeth herself.

Auset Temple Healing Blessings Payment

Healing Blessings for One Person, $100

Psychic Mentoring Payments

CURRENT STUDENT = a person who has attended a 2 day course or more with Elisabeth Jensen herself during the last 12 months.

PAST STUDENT= a person who has who has attended a 2 day or more course with Elisabeth in the last 13- 36 months.

Psychic Mentoring by Phone or in person for CURRENT Students - 120 Mins - $400

Psychic Mentoring by Phone or in person for CURRENT Students - 60 Mins - $250

Psychic Mentoring by Phone or in person for PAST Students - 120 Mins - $600

Psychic Mentoring by Phone or in person for PAST Students - 60 Mins - $350

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Elisabeth Jensen PO Box 614, Brighton, SA 5048, Australia (+61) 427526894

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