Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing

Acclaimed International School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses

Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing is an International Acclaimed School of Auset Healing, Hypnosis, Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy & Angel Miracles Psychic Courses.

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Discover the Power of Secret Ancient Egyptian Sleep Temple Alchemy

AUSET TEMPLE HEALING was founded by Elisabeth Jensen to provide Professional Level Training in remarkably effective Auset Healing, Divination & Alchemy, Angel Miracles Psychic Readings & Coaching,  Mediumship, Trance Channelling plus Clinical, Regression & Sleep Temple Hypnosis.

TRAIN IN OUR UNIVERSITY FOR THE SOUL TO FIRST HEAL & TRANSFORM your Body, Mind & Eternal Soul & then become a  Healing Guide for others.

Elisabeth first established Centre For Complementary Healing Studies in 1996. Later also known as Isis Mystery School, in early 2015 we became Auset Temple Healing as Goddess Auset is the very ancient Egyptian name for Isis.

Elisabeth Jensen was first  voted  Psychic of the Year 2007 for SA then Australian Psychic of the Year 2010 -a  great change from her previous career as a Registered Nurse, Midwife & Community Health Nurse!  Elisabeth often lived a life of great pain with many major physical & emotional disorders until she was dramatically healed by the power of Archangel Hamied, Angel of Miracles in 1992 & overnight became a powerful spiritual healer & psychic.   In 2003  she then experienced another major mystical experience & can now transmit to others, the powerful Divine Blue Goddess Auset Healing Energy received while meditating inside the Queens Chamber of The Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Now Elisabeth lives a life of great joy and travels the world to spread the incredible channeled messages, love, miracles and remarkable healing energies gifted to her by the Archangels & Goddess Auset during her nine Sacred Journeys to Egypt. Elisabeth is also now  an Authorised Guide & Medium at John of God's Spiritual Hospital in Brazil www.elisabethjensen.com.au/jogbrazil

Combining her amazing gifts of spiritual healing & remarkable prophetic abilities  with much research & study, including a Diploma of Hypnosis & NLP, Elisabeth has trained many healing  practitioners & spiritual  teachers throughout Australia, Asia, the USA, Egypt & in UK. Many Professional Practitioners & highly successful Spiritual Teachers seek to train with Elisabeth to greatly maximise their natural abilities.  Only Elisabeth Jensen's Auset Temple Healing offers this comprehensive professional-level training.

The Goddess Auset

The Goddess Auset